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Together with his three dogs, Alan, the adventurer travels the lonely roads of Armageddon. A deadly pandemic has caused a societal collapse after billions have died. He is soon joined by Imani, a young woman, and a victim of gang violence. Together they set out to discover the truth about the cause of the catastrophe. During their travels from San Francisco to the European Alps, they soon discover a danger that could wipe out the final remnants of humanity. In a world ruled by anarchy, with the last humans fighting for control, Alan’s and Imani’s chances of success or even survival look bleak. Can they save humankind from ultimate disaster?

“Yes, sometimes it was as if I had witnessed the entire scene, from the darkness of the tunnel, my hand on my revolver, ready to intervene. Latest then, as these thoughts entered my head, I would shake myself. We write our own laws. We live in a new world, a new reality. We only have our survival to cling to, our reality is an uncertain, twisting, exhausting thing, but my cause is just.”

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