Watch this video on YouTube and Donate towards the Corona Crisis #corona #pandemic

The song Rinascerò, Rinasceraiis originated from one of Italy’s most famous composers of the seventies, Roby Facchinetti. The royalties have now been reassigned to the Bergamo hospital, one of the hospitals in Italy that is at the center of the Corona crisis. Every purchase of the song is a donation. In the Bergamo hospital, 800 people died yesterday (March 28) alone – please forget the argument that this pandemic is „just like the standard flu“. Many thanks to all healthcare workers worldwide who are battling this disease for us, at the frontline. Share this post. The song can be heard here on YouTube, but the donation only works if you purchase the song (first link above).

More about Corona and how it affects all of us, and some tips how to handle this pandemic.


„Bird“ – Oil, Ocker, on Canvas. Clemens P. Suter, 2020

Originally posted 2020-03-29 18:55:00.

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