Wanted: bloggers!

Are you a fan of adventure and SciFi? I am looking for book bloggers to support me for my new novel REBOUND.

Perhaps you love reading in general, or the post-apocalypse specifically. Perhaps movies are your thing, or you are into creative writing?

REBOUND is a great adventure novel, a story of perseverance and friendship, and a travel story too. It was released in 2022 and is available as eBook and paperback. The readers love it!

I am looking for book bloggers that are willing to read the book (you will naturally get a free copy) and that are willing to leave reviews on Instagram, their own blog, on Apple Books, on Amazon or any other channel.

I will provide the manuscript to you as an EBook file. We can even do a concerted action, a cross promotion of each other’s work! This had worked well in the past, and we can discuss the details. I am open for anything.

Contact me through clemens.p.suter [at] gmail.com or use the contact page.

Please share this post with other people that might be interested! Thank you for your support!

I am very excited to hear from you!


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