Vilnius Impressions, a visit to the Lithuanian capital

The old castle of Vilnius. Back in the days, Lithuania was a major power in the Baltic region and a great trade nation, reaching deep into Russia.


Slightly confusing sign below. Who would want to throw towels into a closet? Or into a urinal for that matter? And why is the text crossed out?

Seriously though, I was intrigued by the language, which is indo-germanic and that’s it: little relationship to ANY other language.E5FF6968-1EF2-403E-8F08-D64B0B315D6B

A view across the river, in the back modern high rises. Vilnius is very innovative with some very exciting startups mixing up the scene. A lot of highly educated young people about. Few bars, many coffee houses.



Originally posted 2018-11-10 19:53:00.

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