Evolution is a fact. So stop your whining and suck it up.

Very worthwhile, especially if you are still unsure whether evolution has and is really happening.

Naturally some people still have some doubts about this process – but let’s be fair: it is all around us, and it not only has brought us humans where we are now, but it in fact affects all the stars and planets, the interstellar gas and all living matter… and in the future it will impact the self-replicating machines that human kind will produce and that will spread out across the entire universe over the course of the millions of years, settling on moons, asteroids, planets and comets.

The most beautiful driving force in our universe, unbeatably poetic, harmlessly magnificent,  majestically comforting in all its implications. Believing in evolution means surviving the apocalypse.

I simply wanted to point that out, so there you have it.

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Buddy our Dog

Evolution in Action. Our dog smells a mouse and waits to support natural selection.


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