Is the 2010 novel TWO JOURNEYS really about… a CORONA PANDEMIC?

As long back as 2015, Bill Gates gave a famous TED talk in which he predicted a pandemic to occur “in the nearby future”. Mr. Gates is getting quite some flack for that prediction; tin-foil-hat-wearers think that Bill Gates has some dark motivation, whereas the truth is far more benign: Bill Gates simply reads a lot of books and articles; all available to all of us. And if you start reading those, you will quickly realize that it isn’t such a surprise that Bill Gates arrived at his pandemic prediction. Over the years, many scientists and authors (fiction and non-fiction) have predicted that a pandemic might occur at any time. Over-population, the massacre of the environment, climate change… all of these are favorable for more pandemics to happen.

Still not convinced? As a biologist and author, I published a novel on this topic back in 2010: TWO JOURNEYS was available e.g. on iTunes or ten years before the outbreak of Covid-19. It describes the devastating impact of a CORONA VIRUS pandemic – see TWO JOURNEYS, pages 122/123 – photo below.

There was no magic or clairvoyance involved; the SARS and MERS epidemics convinced me (as a scientist) that such a scenario was bound to happen. Sure, my prediction that the pandemic was the result of a CORONA VIRUS was surprisingly spot-on. The main reason for my selection of CORONA  was that I needed a culprit that could spread at top speed across the globe – CORONA viruses have a prominent ability to do so through both droplet and surface infection.

What makes TWO JOURNEYS truly special is the analysis of the psychological effects of a pandemic on the hero; and how populists will misuse such an outbreak for their own purposes. Several storylines in the book have now (alas) become reality.

So, 2010 novel TWO JOURNEYS (and its sequel FIELDS OF FIRE) indeed describes the aftermath of a CORONA pandemic. The rest is high speed, adventure fiction – but you will recognize several characters and occurrences again, e.g. the misuse of the pandemic by the villainous dictator Somerset may well remind you of some real-life political leaders – those that put fiction before the fact, and self-interest before empathy. I recently addressed this in a (yet again!) predictive blogpost, first published back in March 2020: The Corona Pandemic and How it Affects All of Us.


There it is, on page 122/123. Corona is the culprit of the pandemic that left Alan (hero of TWO JOURNEYS) stranded in Tokyo. Note the line “Corona viruses spread by droplets or surfaces” – better keep your distance, wear a mask and wash your hands.

Originally posted 2020-06-28 22:03:00.

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