I loved this book. Downright realistic. All the elements of a good read – TWO JOURNEYS

Words from the Editor of TWO JOURNEYS: I loved this book. Downright realistic. All the elements of a good read !

“I loved this book. True to your description, I could not ‘put it down.’ And yet the suspense is not created at the expense of sensational or over-the-top moments or scenes. In fact, besides the fact that extraterrestrials come to earth and kill most of the human population, this book is downright realistic. In a good way. I hope that I never have to face the same event, but if I do I feel much better prepared having read your book. In all seriousness, though, you really capture the emotions and actions of a person who seems absolutely real who has simply been thrust into an extraordinary situation. Your book has all the elements of a good read that I think any reader would enjoy: an engaging character, action, human emotions, progression toward a goal, surprises, and resolution.”

paperback Nothing speaks against reading paperbacks. Let me guess, the biggest challenge, however, is something called “prejudice”. Ebooks are not your type, and most probably you find them too difficult, too messy, and definitely not sweet enough?

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Two Journeys

TWO JOURNEYS – the adventure novel that takes the reader to the end of the world!

Many thanks to this reader for leaving a review at Amazon (in German)

Clemens P.Suter beschreibt einfühlsam und spannend die Reise eines Mannes, der in Japan während einer Geschäftsreise von einer Pandemie überrascht wird und im Alleingang von Japan nach Deutschland zu seiner Familie zurückzukehren versucht. Ein spannendes Buch mit zahlreichen Rückschlägen und Abenteuern. Ich selber wurde viel zum Nachdenken animiert. Was würde ich in einer solchen Situation tun? Wozu ist ein Mensch fähig? Stirbt die Hoffnung immer zuletzt? Das Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Das Buch ist in englischer Sprache sehr gut zu lesen und zu verstehen.

An additional review at Amazon, many thanks!

Two Journeys is a great, highly entertaining read – I read the 600+ pages within one weekend! Obviously inspired by the threat of pandemics such as SARS, H1N1, or the Mexican Flue / Swine Flue, the story immerges the reader into a present-day world where all of humanity has apparently died out. Highly enticing to see how the single surviving hero fights his way home to his beloved ones – in our high-tech world with all the tools and vehicles free at hand, but missing the knowledge how to use them … and the remains of our industrial world already beginning to deteriorate (energy sources, communications, machines, food, medication). In such a world, the main missing items are the knowledge and the mass of people to keep a technological society working. The story transports the feeling of a high-tech stone age. It is very well written, partially very funny, yet at the same time also full of dangerous situations that the hero has to master.
Highly recommended to all readers who love travel novels, intelligent and close-to-reality SF. Seems like it is the first book of the author, I really hope there is more to come soon!

…and many thanks to this reviewer too:

Very well written. The story – I don’t want to spoil anything – takes you to the question: “What would I do if I would be in such a situation?” The story is a (best of) mix from various SciFi-Stories. 28 Days, I Legend, Quiet Earth, Last man on earth, etc. Well, short message to Roland Emmerich and Quentin Tarantino: this is the story for your next film. OK – I really like these kind of end-of-earth scenario stories.


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