The Vortex of Boredom (excerpt from the novel CELETERRA)

“I was at place called the Spleet Mansion.”

Nixon laughed out loud and slapped his knee. “Spleet?! Straight from the fridge! Are those bastards still up in them hills? I’ll be doggone!”

“You know them?”

“Know them? Everybody knows the Spleets. Money grabbing cunts. Nothing but trouble. Religious zealots too.”

“Aren’t they Catholics?”

“Hmm, could be, but of the uncanny kind. Hocus pocus, if you ask me. Anyway, don’t tell me you have been doing business with those guys? Who was it? Edgar the Moose? Or that lunatic Joel?”

“No, Bill – Bill Spleet.”

“Then you may be in luck. He is the younger brother, perhaps the stupidest of the trio, but also the least hazardous. Like the rest of them, he would want to get at your money, but would probably stumble over his own two feet in the process. He doesn’t know his groceries, if you ask me.”

“Have you done business with them?”

“For God’s sake, no. They live in a different world than I, both socially and financially. There are people that have money and people that are rich, and the Spleets belong to the latter class. By the time I have money to burn, my fire will have gone out.”

Nixon laughed sarcastically. He looked up at Vance.

“The Spleets, they are weird folk. The way I see it, every street has two sides, one is lighted by the sun, and the other is shady. People choose the side that they want to walk on. Some prefer the bright side, they are interested in the world around them, they are critical of others but of themselves too. They enjoy life, live it to the fullest. Others choose the shadowy side, they like to stay in the dark, they do not educate or develop themselves, and they are stuck in their beliefs and in their habits. I call them the shadow creatures, they are a separate species. You can find the shadow creatures in all layers of society, among the poor and rich, among the religious and the godless. They are narrow-minded and populate the kingdom of petit bourgeois. On the surface, they seem to be afraid of people that are different; yet deep down inside, they are afraid of life, of everything. Once you are a shadow creature, there is a risk that you will be sucked into the Vortex of Boredom. The great washing machine that removes all stains and spots. It makes you ignorant; to values, to Earth, to your fellow humans, to education – to things that matter. Once in the Vortex of Boredom, you are lost. You may get an urge to start solving Sodukos – I thank the inventor Howard Garns for that. Or you may suddenly want to start watching television – many thanks to Paul Nipkow. The Spleets, they are shadow creatures, narrow-minded and malevolent. Sure, they are wealthy, but are they happy? They never will be, if you ask me. They entered the Vortex of Boredom eons ago.”

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Woman reading Clemens P. Suter's CELETERRA
Woman reading Clemens P. Suter’s CELETERRA

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