The Secret Art of Whistling. How to Become a Stellar Performer and Get Funky.

“Stop whistling, Clemens. Only laborers whistle,” my friend and teacher C. used to say. C. was Austrian, and like many citizens from that cutlet-shaped country,  leaned towards the eccentric. Well-meant for sure; but thank you, no thanks. I am glad I listened to most of C.‘s suggestions, but ignored this particular bit of wisdom.

Many years later I had an eye opening experience with music. As a birthday present, my wife gifted me a voucher for a harmonica course. A training with a professional harmonica teacher, Dale King. The man did a terrific job; the majority of participants left the course with a happy smile, a harmonica and a future in the music industry. I walked out with the sobering realization that I would never be able to play ANY instrument. Except for a CD player or smartphone, my lobes, limbs and lungs are obviously unable to extract any melodious or rhythmic sound from any instrument.

There is some truth in the statement that everybody can and should sing, but being modest for once, I admit that my singing capabilities are limited.

But I can whistle. The tunes that Yehudi Menuhin squeezed from his Stradivari after long years of tortuous practice, effortlessly leave my two lips with no practice at all.

Whistling – it truly seems to be a secret art. I couldn’t find any article or reference  about the effect of whistling on well-being, physical health, war and peace, the economy or whatsoever. There are no lists of famous Hollywood actors, historical figures or politicians that indulged in this activity.  Did any of the famous Georges (Washington, Clooney, Orwell, Carlin or Bush) ever whistle? The history books remain stumm. How can it be that even the most inept and tone-deaf can still produce a passable tune with their lips? Science remains silent.

But I LOVE whistling. In fact, I will now render Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. My interpretation is funky, happy and you won’t be able to keep your feet still. It beats my vocal version by a length.

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