Ten Surprising Facts You Never Knew!

Regularly, at workshops, moderators try to break the ice with an ominous question: “State your name and reveal one fact about yourself that nobody knows.”

This usually causes cold sweat or heavy allergic reactions amongst the assembled.

But fear no longer! Here a few answers that I have personally provided successfully over the years, and which you are free to re-use.

  • I have a dog and live on a farm
  • On Hawaii I once attended (voluntarily) a Neil Diamond concert
  • I used to smoke pipe
  • I was lead singer in a country and western band
  • I love cooking
  • I have a brother that sent a rocket to Pluto
  • I was radiation security officer at university
  • I killed a marten with a shovel
  • I love reading about the Roman Empire
  • I once literally ran into Telly Savalas (aka Kojak) at JFK airport
  • I’ve visited 32 states of the USA
  • I write post apocalyptic novels and donate the proceeds to charity
  • I love camping

Naturally not all are true: on three occasions I’ve told a little lie. Can you guess which may be a hoax?

Naturally, your answer may need to be adjusted to the other answers; if the other participants claim to climb Mount Everest or sail the Pacific on a weekly basis, you will need to come up with a similarly strong position. Here a few examples that will help you stick out from the crowd.

“A little-known fact about me?”

  • I sing opera, and I am working on my first recording
  • I’ve spent time in jail
  • I’m an anarchist
  • I once killed a man with my bare hands
  • I knit
  • In my free time I’m a taxidermist
  • I run the ironman twice a year (works best if look overweight)
  • I collect wine and have 20000 bottles in my cellar
  • I sell drugs and have 20 kg in my cellar
  • I once planned a sex change operation but canceled last minute
  • I’ve had intimate relationship with three… uh…four participants in this workshop
  • In my spare time I love to do absolutely nothing
  • I love to sit on the sofa and listen to the silence / my tinnitus

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Originally posted 2019-03-30 22:55:00.

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