Tea vs. Coffee. Surviving a pandemic and beyond. And some myth busting.

Coffee has been shown to be potent against nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimers, so while it may be a good idea to drink hot tea to combat flu and corona symptoms, remember: A nice hot cup of joe can and should be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

And while you are drinking your coffee, take a look at the Corona site from the World Health Organization, which explains in detail the best way to act: www.who.int/COVID-19.

As this situation deepens, be very critical of myths. Here a few that I picked up:

As the epidemic worsens, the toilet paper supply chain will collapse. People who spread this rumor either have no running water installed or aren’t aware that the pages of their gutter press newspaper are a sublime bog roll replacement.

A pandemic will help reduce overpopulation. This is a crackpot, juvenile argument, which is debunked right away: remember the post-Second World War babyboom? Consider that your parents, grandparents run the highest risk in any epidemic, perhaps too high a price to pay? Off course, in my novel TWO JOURNEYS I exactly describe this last-man-on-Earth scenario – but hey! that is FANTASY, folks. Separate fact from fiction.

Ibuprofen may worsen the symptoms of Covid. I received this one as an actual recorded voicemail, which is being passed on; a bit embarrassing for the lady who is speaking. It sounds very convincing, especially as the message explains why MDs are apparently afraid to officially spread the message; that “archenemy of humankind”, the “evil Pharma industry” might sue them (aren’t they the ones who create those horrible vaccines?). You couldn’t make this up. Well, apparently somebody did. A quick scan of all official sites shows that no link between covid and ibuprofen has officially been confirmed by any one. The more convincing any rumor sounds, the more virulent it becomes – but that doesn’t make it more true.

Also see my other post on the topic.


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Originally posted 2020-03-14 22:28:00.

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