Tips to Survive the Apocalypse. Some highly ineffective recommendations. How to survive a pandemic.

John Harpsicord*), a follower of this blog, asked: “What about the name of this blog dude! Survive the Apocalypse – I can’t find any apocalyptic content and no survival tips. WTF is that all about? Confused, John.”

Well John, you do have a point. Let me try to explain why this blog may be ALL about surviving the apocalypse.

Once the apocalypse strikes – which may happen earlier than you think, through a deadly combination of global warming, over-population and some completely inept political leaders (so sad !) – there is very little that we can do.

In my novels Two Journeys and Fields of Fire, this shocking situation is caused by a global epidemic. Luckily, humanity has gone a long time without a major pandemic. But outbreaks of viruses such as SARS, coronavirus or influenza (e.g. H2N2 or the Asian Flu H3N2; or bird flu) have occurred repeatedly in the last twenty years or so.

In my books, I try to show a different path than what some so-called “preppers” or the “prepper movement” appear to advocate. If catastrophe strikes, keeping the higher ground morally shows that we are human. Stocking up on emergency food, baseball bats, pepper spray and guns may sound like a sound strategy, but in reality you won’t know what has hit you, once the post-apocalypse arrives.

For me, the best survival strategy is… enjoy life while you can! Take life with a grain of salt and a lot of humor, because none of us know how long we or good ol’ Earth will be around.

The apocalypse does make for some great reading though – just think about the zombie hype a few years back. This is also reflected in my adventure novels (curious ? Look here at You will find a lot of information about these books on this blog, which is another explanation for the name of this site.

And finally: aren’t we all, in one way or another, surviving our own personal apocalypse each and every day? Life can be tough as shit; and most confusingly, it is also absolutely beautiful. That’s what I try to bring across in my work and in the title of this blog: the negative of the Apocalypse and the beauty of Survival – they are like Yin and Yang. Life is complex and unpredictable: there are no easy explanations.

*) name (slightly) changed

Photo by Charles Deluvio

Survive the apocalypse with appropriate headwear. Life is a contradiction and can be confusing as hell, so better enjoy it while you can (Photo by Charles Deluvio)




Bonsais in the national botanical garden of Tokyo

When traveling to foreign countries I always attempt to find a few attractions off the beaten track. Botanical gardens are such a spot; as a biologist by I have visited gardens in places such as Paris, London, New Mexico, Hawaii … and now in Kyoto.

In a corner of the Kyoto Garden is an absolutely impressive collection of bonsais. In fact, it has inspired me to start growing a bonsai myself. I’m still in the information stage, so very little progress to report except that growing a bonsai  doesn’t seem to be trivial. I will keep you posted!

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Is this dog in a coma? Favorite Tennis Ball for the Main Man… uh Main Dog. Doghabits & Dogbehavior.

Our dog Buddy does have some strange doghabits. After sharing his companionship for 10+ years, I suspect that he knows exactly what makes me tick, but some of his behaviors are still a book with seven seals to me. This is one of them: he will suddenly turn on his back and get into a weird, convoluted  posture and stare up at us.

It took me a while to figure out this is simply attention seeking. Buddy will do anything to get attention, and groveling is no issue for him. Doghabits! He invites me (or any random visitor, or any unknown lady in the street for that matter) to rub his chest and belly. Scarily enough, he bares his jaws and teeth at the same time, making him look like a little devil… and scaring most innocent bystanders away. The latter are in many cases already confused by his spread-out hind legs, offering a full view on his private parts (of which two essentials are missing since his castration).

The Mysterious Ways of the Labrador

And he is inseparable from his tennis balls. I have to buy new ones regularly, since although Buddy loves them intimately, he loses (and forgets) them as quickly as they drop from his jowls. Labradors are retrievers, and thus having something in their mouth (a ball, a stick, a piece of cloth) is apparently highly comforting. Sometimes he shares his bed with three tennis balls and a deflated basket ball.

Getting used to fellow travelers.

Doghabits. Buddy the Labrador Retriever showcases some interesting behavior.

You can read more about Buddy our dog by clicking on this hyperlink.