Photos from our trip to the UK #vacation #trip


A sailor on board the ferry to Dover “HMS Princess Daphne”

We are on a one week trip to England! The weather during the Channel crossing was great. We always take the ferry (and not the tunnel) – mostly for┬ánostalgic reasons, the ferry is a bit slower, but the experience (“There! The White Cliffs of Dover in the distance”) is unbeatable.


An anchor on the south coast of England

Hastings, the place where William the Conqueror landed in 1066. The old harbor is very attractive for a walk, and the restaurants offer good food too.



Took a while to train this bird to sit down on this wreck with exactly that posture.

This seagull had its head straight into the west wind, intelligent animals, always on the lookout for some food that the tourists may drop. I love their cry; a mix of hopelessness and glee.



Who said I am a poor photographer? Take a look at this iPhone snapshot.

I loved the old boats on the beach; doesn’t this scene have a post-apocalyptic flavor to it? It almost looks as if the background is fake, but this is the real sky and beach. The colors are splendid.

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