Should Russian tourists be allowed to enter the EU? Definitely!

There’s some discussion going whether Russians should still be allowed to travel into the EU or other western countries. 

One Russian tourist said that she was disappointed that the rules may become more strict. In her words (I copy from the German channel ARD): ”What is happening in Ukraine is more political,” Marina says. And the decision not to issue visas affects “mainly tourism and culture”. “It is a punishment of ordinary citizens,” Arkady adds. “I think it’s unfair.” The young couple also believes that interpersonal relations should  in times of crisis be strengthened rather than torn apart by restrictions.

Apparently Marina and Arkady are unaware of the bombings, murders & massacres that the Russians are carrying out against a sovereign state. This is no surprise, as ordinary Russians do not have access to all the news channels that provide a balanced view of this war.

So my proposal is different. Let Russians travel to our countries, but upon arrival and departure, they should view 90 minutes of news clips of the shelling of Ukrainian towns and neighborhoods; of the massgraves; of the war crimes committed by the Russian military; impressions from Ukrainian frontline hospitals with interviews of amputees and victims with PTSS; interviews with some of the millions of Ukrainian women and children that have found refuge in the EU.

After 90 minutes, a short multiple choice test could be carried out: how many Ukrainian citizens have died; how many houses were destroyed; how many Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have died ( “On 16 June, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense told CNN that he believed tens of thousands of Ukrainians had died, adding that he hoped that the true death toll was below 100,000. On 17 July, the Chief of UK Defence Staff, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, said that Russia has lost 50,000 soldiers killed or wounded.)

And then the Russian tourists get the stamp in their passports and are welcome guests.

The same procedure as they leave.

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