More Insights and Secrets About my New Novel REBOUND

The official launch date for REBOUND is Sunday, March 13th this year (although you can already now pre-order a copy in many eStores), and as I started to create the marketing material and blurbs for this book, I realized that I might provide some more details about the story and how I created it.

Plot. REBOUND is the final part of the TWO JOURNEYS TRILOGY, but all three books can be read independently… no need to start out with the first one. There’s a reason for this: although all three parts are staged in a post-pandemic, dystopian world, I felt that REBOUND needed an additional angle to keep the readers fully entertained. Thus, I have added a storyline beyond the eradication of humankind. The story now focuses much more on extraterrestrial life, space exploration, robotics, artificial intelligence, and many more science and technology aspects. There is some risk that a novel might then start to feel cluttered, but this book is a straightforward, linear adventure, so the story remains easy to handle both for the reader and the author.

Main character. Alan, as the hero adventurer of this book, is dominantly present. This is a story in the first person, so the reader learns not only about his experiences, but also directly about his interpretation. No doubt, this man is highly courageous, strong, hard-headed, and intelligent. In addition, I have made him into the kind of guy you would like to have as a friend, should the going get tough. He has his weaker sides too: he is incurably curious (even life-threatening on occasion), has strong opinions about practically everything, and plays the game of life by his own rules. But he survives… although, as the prologue tells us, he is often surprised by that himself.

Additional characters. In this book, Alan gets a sidekick, in the form of the badly mutilated girl Imani. I had a great time describing this mysterious woman. She’s young, skinny, with a tough and violent history. Not only is she much more proficient in handling a gun than Alan, but she also doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. They turn out to be like Yin and Yang: complementary and highly effective. Are Alan and Imani lovers? I can’t help you there: I’m still not sure myself. In addition, Alan is joined by Francois, a Canadian policeman. Francois loves life and adds some necessary optimism to offset Alan’s earnestness. And for sure, Alan is always accompanied by his three faithful dogs. Bo, Jaws, and Rex and their deadly jaws protect our hero in any situation.

Audience. Some of my books have received some criticism from the prepper scene. This isn’t surprising: I am not a prepper, nor am I a great fan of the idea to get ready for the post-apocalypse. In addition, some readers expect post-apocalyptic fiction to be as violent as their personal fantasies of that situation. These readers will be disappointed by my work. I have different ideas about that type of world, and during my writing, my fantasy takes me hither and dither, but hardly ever over the edge of violence. Some preppers also criticize some of the stated facts in my work. Foremost, I am an author of adventure stories, and these books are pure fiction. This touches on another possible conflict. Alan’s background is in science and he continuously tries to interpret life from a scientific viewpoint. So, a naive reader may get the impression from this book that coronaviruses are or were created in a laboratory. This is not my belief at all. What the reader can learn from Alan is his strong focus on facts and reason. Again, REBOUND is all fantasy, and if you like that genre, you will enjoy this book.

Find out here how to get a copy at Apple Books. Also available in all other eBook stores.

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