Praise for the Adventure Novel REBOUND.

Very grateful for the following feedback from one of the readers of REBOUND. The 2022 novel REBOUND by Clemens P. Suter is available in all internet stores, as ebook and paperback. This is really great and encouraging praise for the … Continue reading

REBOUND; a Great Adventure Story, Also Available as Paperback

My fourth novel REBOUND is available as a paperback: at Amazon, or any other internet book store. You can also order it at your favorite local bookshop. Below is the back cover with more details. Here’s the link to the … Continue reading

REBOUND. The New & Thrilling Adventure Novel is Available NOW

Very pleased to announce today’s availability of REBOUND. The official release is Sunday, March 13th, 2022. Already now, you can get a copy on Apple Books, Kindle, Tolino, and in many other eBook stores. Buy or make a pre-order today: … Continue reading

Thanks to all the Goodreads members for collecting a free copy of REBOUND!

All of you had a chance to win a Kindle Version of the 2022 novel REBOUND. Only a few copies (regular price: 2.99) were on offer. This giveaway activity for REBOUND finished on Saturday, June 25. Books were given away by … Continue reading

The New Novel REBOUND Was Submitted to the Prestigious 2022 BIBA Award and was Accepted for Participation.

REBOUND, the new adventure novel, has been accepted for participation in the 2022 Best Indie Book Award (BIBA). Continue reading

A Pandemic Strikes Earth. REBOUND, a post-apocalyptic adventure

A reading-snack from the 2022 post-apocalyptic novel, which can be read independently, yet it is also the final part of the the TWO JOURNEYS TRILOGY. She and my son had been looking forward to have a child, but it was … Continue reading

Strap on Your Seatbelt. Sneak peek of the Prologue of REBOUND.

Exciting news about my new book. In case you have been wondering why I have written only a few blog posts over the last months… first, I was very busy with my fundraisers, which managed to raise more than 2500€ … Continue reading

More Insights and Secrets About my New Novel REBOUND

The official launch date for REBOUND is Sunday, March 13th this year (although you can already now pre-order a copy in many eStores), and as I started to create the marketing material and blurbs for this book, I realized that … Continue reading

REBOUND teaser – sixty second read. A post-apocalyptic SciFi adventure.

REBOUND is the final installment in the TWO JOURNEYS trilogy. An adventure story set in a post-pandemic, dystopian world. *********************  Sample ********************** Then one morning, as I stood on the roof looking at the horizon through my spyglass, I noted … Continue reading

Adventure snack! Chapter 24 of “Rebound”. Setting off to sea!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Adventure snack for the weekend: chapter 24 of my novel “REBOUND.” This is the third and final book of the TWO JOURNEYS TRILOGY. It is my major book release in 2022. Stay tuned for more news – get a … Continue reading