Great movie: “Deutschstunde” – just out.

I didn’t read the original novel by Siegfried Lenz (1968), so the story was completely new to me. A wartime movie, with a village policeman (initially) forced to prohibit his friend from painting; common practice in Nazi Germany. But the … Continue reading

Corona. How you can help stop this Pandemic in its tracks.

The impact of the Corona Pandemic and how we deal (and should deal) with the lock-down restrictions. I shortly explain my take on some of the guidelines. Continue reading

Is this a #Newsflash? No, more like a #newspudding. Topic: movies and #cinematic successes & failures

I have been looking at a couple of articles that, although not #realnews, may be interesting for you to take a quick glance at, even if only superficial. Stumbled across an article about a Bodybuilder from Germany, Ralf Moeller, who became quite … Continue reading

A Record Year: 1488 visitors. Thanks to all followers of my blog

2019 was another record year with 1500 unique visitors and 3000+ views of my website Many thanks to all friends, fans and followers for their interest in my work and my page/blog. Highly appreciated! The homepage received 800 hits, … Continue reading

Check out Clemens P. Suter’s video channel on Youtube #hotmovies #bonanza #gallore

With an #UNBEATABLE 3 million hits for my top video, this YouTube Channel has to be COOL: Clemens P. Suter Video Channel With 250,000 videos uploaded per day, more than a thousand years required to view all videos, more than 100 million videos … Continue reading

Meiko Kaji “Shura no Hana” About Music.

For all Tarantino and Meiko Kaji fans out there: Check out this video on YouTube. I first got to know this singer and actress through Kill Bill, the legendary movie by Quentin Tarantino. The hip seventies tunes influenced by Japanese … Continue reading

Adventure! New SUPERHERO launch TODAY.

Everybody goes berserk about superheroes. It is superhero madness! Every second movie in the cinema today is about some individual with SciFi or Fantasy strengths, Stan Lee and Marvel Comics are (we’re, e’s dead now) shuffling money into their bank … Continue reading