REBOUND. The New & Thrilling Adventure Novel is Available NOW

Very pleased to announce today’s availability of REBOUND. The official release is Sunday, March 13th, 2022. Already now, you can get a copy on Apple Books, Kindle, Tolino, and in many other eBook stores. Buy or make a pre-order today: reduced price only for the pre-order period.

Rebound: a post-apocalyptic SciFi thriller. A story of courage and perseverance in a world changed beyond imagination.

Alan the adventurer is back! A deadly pandemic has caused societal collapse. Together with his three dogs, Alan travels the lonely roads of Armageddon. He is joined by Imani, a young woman, and victim of gang violence. Together they set out to discover the truth: where did the virus originate? Where do the mysterious robots come from? During their travels from San Francisco to the European Alps, they discover a danger that could wipe out the final remnants of humanity. In a world ruled by anarchy, with the last humans fighting for control, Alan’s and Imani’s chances of success or survival look bleak. Can they save humankind from ultimate disaster?

“The snow stings in my eyes as I step into the wild, my gun raised and loaded, the dogs barking, but following. I feel my teeth baring themselves in a menacing grin. This is the life I have chosen, and this is the life that has chosen me. No matter how much these old bones hurt, by everything holy and unholy, throw it at me. I am ready.”

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