Qatar – three days immersed in the Middle East

Below the lobby of the hotel where I was staying. The room was freezing cold, but the hotel was pleasant enough. Although: the breakfast buffet had a price tag of $30 – how much can a man eat for breakfast? I learned that Qatari cheese is very salty.
I learned a lot from my colleagues how the state of Qatar ticks and functions. It is very intriguing how this society differs so much from ours, yet is functioning very well too.

Below: the skyline of Qatar. They are building skyscrapers at rocket speed, but the country itself is mainly desert. With 300,000 Qataris and 2.5 million expats, the demographics are very exceptional. There are a few additional cities, but they are in the desert, close to the natural gas fields and intended for the laborers.

Below: to defy the Saudi boycott, the Qataris have put up portraits of the Emir all over.

img 5678

img 5678


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