Photos from Milan, Italy – capital of the Lombardy. A very wintry visit.

It was ice-cold and foggy in Milan, Lombardy. Few tourists about, and like us, they all huddled in winter coats and gloves and shawls. Winter was saying farewell with a vengeance and we had to spent a lot of time in espresso bars and restaurants to warm up – which turned out to be very pleasant! Below some of the impressions from our travels.

Sample from Two Journeys.

“There are journeys that you choose to make and others that you embark on because you have to. It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.
The company that I worked for always made us fly out to customers on Saturdays. The airplane tickets were cheaper if there was a Sunday between flight out and flight back.
My wife hated that.
“We lose the weekends, and nobody is paying you those back.”
Naturally, she was right.
Nevertheless, on Saturday, April 24, I took a taxi to the airport from our house in Lichterfelde, Berlin. I was supposed to fly to Frankfurt first and    from there on to Tokyo.
My company sold software to large pharmaceutical corporations all over the world. The Japanese liked our products, and because of that, I traveled to Tokyo or Osaka at least once every quarter. This time, I was supposed to meet my colleagues Chris and Frank in Tokyo on Monday morning. Together we would then drive to the first customer of the week to do our sales pitch in front of sleeping Japanese scientists.
It was an uneventful business class flight. I knew the faces of some of the Lufthansa flight attendants, but […]”

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