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Poem: “My Birthday Invitees

Harry, Dean and Maren /

Susie, Susette and Bret /

Georgina, Walter and Karen /

James, Jimmy and Ted /

Tilda Swinton, Ganesh, Paris and Klaus /

George Kennedy, Filippe and his mouse /

Jenny and Fran  /

Luc and Dan /

Jimbo, Claude-Ulrich and Hans /

And that lesbian couple we met on vacation in France /

That woman from the telly /

That fat guy with the belly /

Carol and Freddie /

Maria and Eddy /

Jenny, Tim, Nathalie and their dog /

Donald, Denise, little Kevin and his frog /

Ivanka and Melania for good measure /

Let’s not forget Grandma the old treasure /

Paulie and Pauline /

Bernie and Sien /

Angela, Angelina, Angel and the Devil /

Benjamin Britten and Axel Rose /

The loudspeaker inventor Bose /

Barbara, Marni and Cynthia Nixon /

Schubert, Schumann and Pi /

And let’s not forget the neighbors… and me /


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Originally posted 2019-01-26 22:32:00.

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