Party time! Are YOU on the list of people invited to my birthday party?

My Birthday Invitees

Harry, Dean, and Maren

Susie, Susette, and Bret

Georgina, Walter and Karen

James, Jimmy and Ted

Tilda Swinton, Ganesh, Paris and Klaus

George Kennedy, Filippe and his little grey mouse

Jenny and Fran

Luc and Dan

Jimbo, Claude-Ulrich and Hans

And the lesbian couple we met on vacation in France

That woman from the telly

That fat guy with the belly

Carol and Freddie

Maria and Eddy

Jenny, Tim, Nathalie, and their dog

Donald, Denise, little Kevin, and his frog

Ivanka and Melania for good measure

Let’s not forget Grandma the old treasure

Paulie and Pauline

Bernie and Sien

Angela, Angelina, Angel and the Devil

Benjamin Britten and Axel Rose

The loudspeaker inventor Bose

Barbara, Marni, and Cynthia Nixon

Schubert, Schumann and Pi

And let’s not forget the neighbors… and me


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Originally posted 2019-01-26 22:32:00.

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