“Extremely engaging, intelligent, entertaining, and well-written […] This is a great book.” Comments from the editor of TWO JOURNEYS #iamreading #iamwriting

Part two! “I almost wonder whether if in the promotional descriptions you may want to tone down any emphasis on a dystopian or post-apocalyptic society so that you do not alienate (no pun intended) readers who may not normally gravitate toward that genre, only because I truly believe that readers not typically interested in such topics will enjoy your book as much as someone who seeks them out. Your book was extremely engaging, intelligent, entertaining, and well-written. I thoroughly enjoyed editing it […] Overall, the writing was incredibly strong. This is a great book. I rarely cry at the end of books or movies, but I cried when he made it to Hansen’s…”
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Famous #castaways, jettisoned and marooned – stories from people that were left alone

The novel TWO JOURNEYS deals with a man that is the sole survivor of a post-apocalyptic event. Yet, is it possible to survive as the last man on earth? In literature, Robinson Crusoe is probably the most famous character. But some real-life people have been separated from humanity for extended periods of time – if not the remainder of their life. These include the likes of Thorgisl, Grettir Ásmundarson, Fernão Lopez, Juan de Cartagena and, Pedro Sánchez Reina, Gonzalo de Vigo, Marguerite de La Rocque, Jan Pelgrom, Wouter Loos, Miskito Will, Alexander Selkirk, Philip Ashton, Pedro Serrano, Ada Blackjack, Jesus Vidana, Salvador Ordoñez, Lucio Rendo, Leendert Hasenbosch, Chunosuke Matsuyama and Charles Barnard. Some lived isolated for a few months, others for years! What unites these involuntarily castaways is their tremendous drive to return to humanity. In contrast, some also select to be alone for extended periods of time, such as Gerald Kingsland, Lucy Irvine or Tom Neale (the latter spent 16 lonely years on the Cook Islands – by own choice).

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img 5745

“I loved this book […] downright realistic […] all the elements of a good read.” Words from the Editor of TWO JOURNEYS

“I loved this book. True to your description, I could not ‘put it down.’ And yet the suspense is not created at the expense of sensational or over-the-top moments or scenes. In fact, besides the fact that extraterrestrials come to earth and kill most of the human population, this book is downright realistic. In a good way. I hope that I never have to face the same event, but if I do I feel much better prepared having read your book. In all seriousness, though, you really capture the emotions and actions of a person who seems absolutely real who has simply been thrust into an extraordinary situation. Your book has all the elements of a good read that I think any reader would enjoy: an engaging character, action, human emotions, progression toward a goal, surprises, and resolution.”
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img 4329

Tips and tricks – How to write and market a novel #tipsandtricks #freeadvice #iamwriting

Second entry in the “How to become an author” series. How to make money with writing.

How to make money with your writing? Don’t try to make money with your writing!

Agreed, there are some authors that sit down and write, deliberately, their “next hit”. Realize that what differentiates you from all those other writers out there is… your stories, your own thoughts, your own style – put them to paper! You will need to allow the flow of words to come out, your own ideas.

Be your own most critical editor. Read your texts as if you are a stranger: would you yourself buy this book? Would you actually read it, if someone gave it as a present?

When I started writing as a small kid, I used to re-read my own texts a few weeks later, and most I tore up in frustration. I hated my own words for several reasons. My style sucked. I was too young and impatient to write long sentences, writing a single page took me hours. As a result, I tried to cram too much action onto a single page, and that made for very bad writing. Other sentences were overfilled with beautiful words, that I had read in other books. Those words weren’t my own. And that feeds directly into the second reason: I lacked experience. As a young boy or teenager, your life may be overflowing with experiences, but in reality, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. As an adult, you have seen it all, and your mind is filled to the brim with memories. The only thing that you need to do is to knit these memories into your overall story. Good authors copy too: but not from other authors, but from the life that they have lived and the people that they have met. That doesn’t mean that young people shouldn’t write or that they can’t be good authors – but experience helps create a great story.

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Experience, like travel, lead to great novels.

Clemens P. Suter: the novel CELETERRA – a Story set in Heaven #iamreading

Celeterra – an electrifying adventure that won’t let you down.

Vance obtains a valuable, 18th century Rococo table. When robbers visit his house, Vance discovers that the table has a secret compartment with a long-lost letter by Charles Darwin, the father of evolution. To make his life even more complex, Vance falls madly in love with Martha… the sister of the gang’s leader. The letter is stolen and shockingly Martha vanashes too. Assisted by Eugene, his one-eyed dog, Vance sets out on a quest for truth, to get both Martha and the letter back. As Vance finds out, he needs to search far beyond this earth

Will Vance succeed in unraveling the mesmerizing secret of CELETERRA ?

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Emailing: sun-yin-yang-tattoo. To be or not to be …eherm: tattoo! #sunyinyang #tattoo #beautyadvice #tattoostudio

Finally the Yin Yang tattoo is ready!

Admittedly not on my body. After long consideration I decided against ANY tattoo. After all, they may be hype now, but in ten years that hype may well be over… but any tattoo would still be there!
So instead of investing money in a tattoo, I decided to invest into this.

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