A Tasty Teaser From my 2022 Novel REBOUND. Don’t Try This at Home.

Don’t try this at home. Continue reading

Wanted: bloggers!

Are you a fan of adventure and SciFi? I am looking for book bloggers to support me for my new novel REBOUND. Perhaps you love reading in general, or the post-apocalypse specifically. Perhaps movies are your thing, or you are … Continue reading

Five reasons to get the complete series of TWO JOURNEYS today.

Here are the reasons why you should order the entire book series today: get 1000 pages of awesome adventure! Ideal for a holiday break or a rainy day. Highly rated at Goodreads, Apple Books, and Amazon. A loveable hero and … Continue reading

All my eBooks greatly reduced, or even FREE! Only at Smashwords

All my novels are 50% off, and some of my short stories are absolutely free. Only at Smashwords, and only for a few days. So grab a copy today, and enjoy some great adventure and SciFi reading. This offer includes … Continue reading

Fundraiser to Help the Refugees from Ukraine. Here are Two Ways You Can Donate Through my Work.

The War in Ukraine is horrible, with a dictator set on destroying an entire country… we have seen this terrible man’s activities since he came to power. Poisonings, censorship, terror, and combat, he must have had a terrible upbringing. And … Continue reading

A secret hide-out in the Swiss Alps: the Saint-Gotthard Massif.

Soon, the metal doors closed behind us with a loud clang and blocked out the light of the sun. We had entered a stronghold of epic proportions, a complex system of army bunkers dug deep into the Gotthard. Probably the safest place within a radius of a thousand miles. Continue reading

Two Journeys – get Your Copy Today of this Exciting Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.

Two Journeys is available as eBook and Paperback at all stores and outlets. “I loved this book. I rarely gush like this, but I feel strongly. […] I did not want the book to end, but the ending was incredibly … Continue reading

A Small Yet Tasty Adventure Bite.

What does life look like in a post-apocalyptic world? What if a pandemic would succeed in killing all of humankind? Here’s a short sample from my 2022 novel REBOUND, which will be available Starting March 15th, 2022. You can alos … Continue reading

An author’s journey. Mindtravel is unrestricted

Progress in completing the manuscript of the new adventure novel REBOUND was disappointing these two past weeks (November 2021). Other obligations took time and effort: the marketing of TWO JOURNEYS (available e.g. as eBook $2.99, you can find it for … Continue reading

Reasons Why Humankind Will Never be Able to Conquer Space.

In a previous blog post, I outlined ideas about the possibility that we are just part of one big computer simulation. I am equally intrigued by theories of the human colonialization of the universe. I am a biologist by training, … Continue reading