Short movie by Clemens P. Suter about Corona, and how to reduce the risk of infection

In this short YouTube movie “Corona Virus, how to reduce the risk of contamination through object and your hands” (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS) I talk about how Corona viruses can be transmitted from surfaces to your hands, and how to … Continue reading


The Corona Pandemic. Are we entering Phase Two? More Info and Links.

As the author of a Corona Pandemic novel back in 2011, and as a biologist, I’m both shocked and fascinated by the current pandemic. I share some useful links that I came across. Continue reading

Exhibition Goes Virtual. Corona Fundraiser: my books and art to fight COVID19. Hashtag #cps_d2c

See this video announcement that I posted on YouTube. Under the current circumstances it is unrealistic to execute the on-site art-event originally planned for next weekend. Continue reading

Tokyo, Japan. Backdrop for TWO JOURNEYS, the Corona Pandemic novel.

Arguably, Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, with 36 million inhabitants during the day and 22 million at night. It is impressive how this city runs so smoothly with that many inhabitants. What would happen if it … Continue reading

How to prepare during the Corona Covid19 virus epidemic, or any flu-like outbreak or pandemic.

Corona virus is a new flu-like virus. A number of challenges are associated with such new types of viruses: Like with any virus, antibiotics will not help. There are no vaccinations available for such new viruses as they appear. Especially … Continue reading

Who would have guessed THAT?! The #2010 #corona #pandemic #adventure #ebook

Here’s a reader review on about the novel Two Journeys. Get your copy here: Did you like this post? If so, click LIKE and share on your social media!