The bells of the church in Martina Franca (in southern Italy – Apulia)

The sun has just gone down and the bells for mass at seven are merrily calling the congregation. Very efficiently, you will agree.

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I have donated to UNICEF Syria support on your behalf. Thank you for your engagement! #fundraiser

Readers of this blog will recall the fundraiser that I organized a few months back. Due to your engagement as a fan of my work, I was able to donate 150€ to the charity UNICEF – more information here about UNICEF’s Syria activities.

Like with all armed conflict, the crisis in Syria especially affects children: there is mention of a lost generation. As a father of two boys, I can only say: we shouldn’t allow innocent people, youngsters, to suffer from these conflicts. I am very happy that through the royalties generated through my artistic work, I am able, with your help, to support these victims.

Soar not too high, O bird of Hope!
Because the skies are fair;
The tempest may come on apace
And overcome thee there.

When far above the mountain tops
Thou soarest, over all –
If, then, the storm should press thee back,
How great would be thy fall!

And thou wouldst lie here at my feet,
A poor and lifeless thing, –
A torn and bleeding birdling,
With limp and broken wing.

Sing not too loud, O bird of Hope!
Because the day is bright;
The sunshine cannot always last –
The morn precedes the night.

And if thy song is of the day,
Then when the day grows dim,
Forlorn and voiceless thou wouldst sit
Among the shadows grim.

Oh! I would have thee soar and sing,
But not too high, or loud,
Remembering that day meets night –
The brilliant sun the cloud.

“Bird Of Hope”
Ella Wheeler Wilcox



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Is there any sight in the world more beautiful? Sunset over the Mediterranean next to the isle of Capri

We traveled to the tip of the Amalfi coast, and just as we arrived, the sun hit the horizon. Isn’t this simply amazing ? And is that a green ray? The spot where I made this movie is a secret travel tip, but per your request I can provide the map coordinates to this very secluded spot and the excellent restaurant located there ;-) (do ignore the sounds of the jerk with the tractor that you can hear in the background ;-)

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The Last Man on Earth – the story of Leendert Hasenbosch

I listed previously the names of some famous marooned individuals here.

You can read more details about poor sailor Leendert in this article The Dutch state was unforgiving when it came to punishing homosexuals; and Leendert was extremely unlucky to find himself on this waterless island in the summer.

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The Wisdom of the Dakota Indians – how to Ride a Dead Horse

The Dakota Indians say that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. However, in business, education, government, and in the home, a range of far more advanced strategies are being deployed. So, when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to:

  • Buy a stronger whip.
  • Change riders.
  • Threaten to fire the horse.
  • Harness several dead horses together to increase speed.
  • Appoint a committee to study the horse.
  • Throw money at the horse.
  • Develop a training session to improve riding ability.
  • Update the manual.
  • Lower the standards of what defines a living horse, so that dead horses are included.
  • Reclassify the horse as “living-impaired.”
  • Get more experts to investigate the dead horse. Fire those that claim the horse is dead.
  • Proclaim that others ride exactly this type of horse successfully.
  • Proclaim that riders that refuse to ride the dead horse are lazy, have no ambition and are not “all-in” – then replace them.
  • Reminisce elaborately on all the good times you had while riding that horse.
  • Hire consultants.
  • Increase funding to increase the dead horse’s performance.
  • Ride the dead horse “outside the box.”
  • Make the dead horse shareholder.
  • Threaten to cur the horse’s bonus.
  • Get the horse social media visibility.
  • Kill all the other horses so the dead one doesn’t stand out.
  • Pronounce that the dead horse doesn’t need food, water or care, carries lower overhead and is less costly, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line than other horses.
  • Rewrite the performance requirements for all horses.
  • Name the dead horse, “paradigm shift” and keep riding it.
  • Ride the dead horse “smarter, not harder.”
  • Replace „riding a dead horse“ with “innovation” in all comms.
  • Point out that the dead horse produces less manure and thus fewer climate damaging gasses.
  • Declare “God told us to ride this horse.”
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Guess which town I visited in the fall? Pölser, kjötbullar & …oumph!

A bit of rain, a small room underneath the roof in a quaint hotel in the old town – that was Stockholm! Cyclists raced through the streets, endangering tourists and themselves, an amazing sight! I had a chance to try out “oumph”, a soy-based veggie substance that tastes surprisingly good, but as far as a quick internet search revealed, it is currently only available in the Nordics :-(

All in all, of you have a chance, try to visit this amazing capital!

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Mountains (oil, sand on canvas, 30 x 30 cm)

HollandHausEbayOct06 122

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