A cold and overcast day in Paris

Paris in autumn (I took this photo a few weeks back) is just as beautiful as in any other season but much quieter and more atmospheric.

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First snow of the season

I was just getting ready for spring – now this.

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Statue of the lovers by Rodin in Paris


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Outcome of our new year party – one broken plate of glass

The fire protection plate shattered as a result of excessive new year partying. Lucky that the 2014 catastrophe wasn’t repeated (collapse of the southern garden wall, had to transport the neighbor to the hospital, cat pregnant).

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Rome theatre fires orchestral director Giacomo Loprieno for denying Santa

Well! Unbelievable! How can anyone be fired for telling the truth? Giacomo Loprieno continues the tradition of other great Italians before him: Galileo Galileo, Giordano Bruno and Leonardo da Vinci.
Although: the reporting seems to suggest that Giacomo Loprieno did not do this out of firm atheist considerations, but to remind his audience that as a director he expected them to applaud his performance. In that case, Giacomo Loprieno seems to have forgotten that any man that sets foot on the road of revenge should first dig two graves.
Moral of the story: revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Goodmorning! The day starts with Buddy throwing open the door to our bedroom

In our household Buddy is the earliest riser and wakes me with a cold wet nose, meanwhile enthusiastically banging his wagging tail against the radiator. Feeling loved, people!

After I’ve patted his head a few times, he invariably returns to his bed at the top of the stairs, to await what the day may bring…

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A message by Brian Eno (thanks to my friend Tim for bringing this to our attention)


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