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Can you REALLY afford NOT to read TWO JOURNEYS?

Just take a quick look at these 5-star reviews by readers of TWO JOURNEYS. Need we say more? If you like a highly unusual, exiting and thought provoking adventure novel, make sure to get your copy today.

How to get a copy? Just visit your favorite internet store, for instance LINK, on iTUNES LINK, or you can even ask your favorite bookstore (anywhere on the globe) to order a copy for you.

Sharon's review

Great review by Sharon, many thanks! The sequel FIELDS OF FIRE is already available today.

Review by an Amazon Customer

The sequel is available in the same store where you got your last copy: FIELDS OF FIRE

“… another survivor is traveling the Armageddon road. Clemens P. Suter’s apocalyptic thriller grabs you in the first couple of pages and never lets go. The reader feels real empathy for the main character’s plight as he begins a seemingly impossible 9,000-mile trip to learn his family’s fate. […] clues are uncovered along the way causing tension to build until we reach the shattering climax. Two Journeys is not to be missed.”– G Dedrick Robinson

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