Excellent Voice Delivery of my Parable “The Naked Truth and the Dressed-up Lie”

Very honored indeed! Voice actor par excellence DANIEL WARD of SIRIUS VOICES turned one of my short stories into a beautiful narration. You can listen to it here.

I am particularly fond of the tale “The Naked Truth and the Lie Dressed-Up as the Truth”, as it is age-old, yet highly applicable to our times. In addition, as you listen to the story, you can well imagine the parable unfolding before your eyes, in an amazing, mythical forest.

You can find the story in my “Amazing Stories” bundle (eBook).

Daniel Ward, a professional voice-over talent who has been in the audio industry for over three decades, did a magnificent job capturing the spirit of this tale and adding some beautiful sound effects that add a distinctive, almost fairy-tale-like atmosphere.



Originally posted 2021-08-10 23:16:00.

1 thought on “Excellent Voice Delivery of my Parable “The Naked Truth and the Dressed-up Lie”

  1. Hi Clemens, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your rendition of the “Naked Truth …” as well as the voice recording by Daniel Ward! I love the topic, which actually got me reflecting on my own behaviour and – call it politeness or diplomacy, perhaps even cowardice – one can certainly paint me guilty of “sugared truths” and the occasional “white lie” 😉 CK

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