More photos of Qatar – the Emirate on the Persian Gulf #exotic #iamtraveling

Again I had a chance to visit this intriguing country (see elsewhere in my blog – but as I was quite busy, I couldn’t take a lot of photos. Some impressions below.

There aren’t many old buildings in Qatar; due to the profit created from natural gas, many new skyscrapers are being built.

Sound advice, and not only for people that live in a desert.

We visited an extraordinary Persian restaurant, beautifully decorated. There were a dozen waitresses and waiters – not a single one from the same country. Qatar has 2.5M inhabitants, and only 10% are actual Qataris. The rest are migrants from every conceivable country.

Even more skyline. An accident happened close to my hotel: a tree fell over. This may sound absurd, as Qatar is usually not associated with an abundance of trees. It did cause considerable ruckus: dozens of men surrounded the tree and gaped at it in shock and horror.

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