Meiko Kaji “Shura no Hana” About Music.

For all Tarantino and Meiko Kaji fans out there: Check out this video on YouTube.

I first got to know this singer and actress through Kill Bill, the legendary movie by Quentin Tarantino. The hip seventies tunes influenced by Japanese music style made for an intriguing combination. After a long search, I ordered a CD through an international music store, and several weeks later a box arrived… through Belarus of all places! I still wonder why it was sold by a one man shop in one of the last dictatorships in Europe.

Great music, I kept on playing the CD in my car. I still do not know what the lyrics are about, I once stumbled across one translation, which was some jive about Ginza gangsters, unfamiliar stuff. I decided to buy more. I had to wait until my next trip to Tokyo to be able to pick up a box with seven CDs pure Meiko Kaji ! I also got one of her movies, vintage Japanese, with Kaji-san as the proprietress of a house of gentleman amusement, very talkative and yes, boring for the first 95%, at which points she pulls out a sharp samurai sword and kills of her opponents in a bloody battle. Curtain.

怨み節     梶芽衣子


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