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“This is a great book, if what you want is action, violence, humor, and character development. Strong, quick acting Alan is a scientist, traveling for business. Things do not turn as predicted. One of my goals with this book was to raise awareness of just how vulnerable we are to a pandemic in the developed world. I also wanted to showcase how a single person can cope with being a lone survivor. You need to be able to rely on your own moral fiber, on your physical strength on your willpower. We’ve gone long without a major pandemic that kills millions.  Let’s face it, if we knew, we’d be even more frightened; with the huge global population, the possibility that a pandemic strikes isn’t that remote. I want you caring about the character as well as the world. Action occurs, and contact is made with the beings on alien “ships”, the book – on purpose – does not answer all questions. After all, in case of a pandemic, with a breakdown of communication and internet and so on, there will be more questions than answers – or replies. Imagine the world falling apart while this plague designates the entire population. You will enjoy this ride with the hero Alan, as he speeds across Asia towards what was Western Europe.”

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