Impressions from Cairo, a surprising city.

With more than 25 million inhabitants, Cairo is considered to be one of the most densely populated cities in the world. it also seen by many as the cultural center of Islam. I had visited Cairo many years ago, and was curious to visit it after such a long time. In between work, I had a chance for two brief walks. It was pretty hot, so I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, the intensity of the sun was pretty merciless.
Above: a long hot street in a new urban area, close to my hotel. Many of the houses were not ready, it looked as if work was progressing at a slow pace, many buildings in a half-finished state. Architecturally they looked very impressive. This view does have a certain postapocalyptic touch.
You don’t want to be a dog in Egypt. The dogs that I saw were very skinny and obviously living on waste. There were actually only few animals in the streets, very few birds.
Close to Al Moaz street. It was an official  day-off, but that didn’t stop the merchants from doing business. The Caironeans (?) are extremely hardworking. This was a national holiday, which was apparently organized spontaneously by the government.

img 5771

Above: a beautiful arcade; the sights are pretty and exotic; I really enjoyed to walk the streets. But I think that many people may find the town quite overwhelming; it is very noisy. Big surprise: the Egyptians ignored me for the most part; even though there aren’t that many tourists about, and I must have stuck out like a sore thumb. Naturally I got lured into some shops and was expected to enter into longer pricing negotiations.

Cairo has changed over the years. Progress hasn’t passed by unnoticed. But the city has managed to keep a lot of its deeply oriental atmosphere.

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