I am #SlowlyGettingThere – the #FirstDraft of the #BookCover arrived today – comments welcome

It is always surprising what graphic designers can create out of a short storyline description and a book title. In this case they captured it quite well: the long, hot road, the lingering fire of the title…

The photo of the road is actually mine; I took it in Zeeland, you can see the dam in the background. I will have to “digest” this cover design over the weekend – but: this would be the type of book that I would pick up at an airport. And that is the main thing – although I love it that so many people read my books, I also love to own the whole process: from writing, to designing, to marketing.

I am still optimistic that both the paperback and the eBook will be in the stores by Thanksgiving – so don’t buy any presents yet, wait for the signal to order your personal copy of Field of Fire at Amazon and Smashwords… coming soon. Leave your comments here: www.clemenssuter.com


4 thoughts on “I am #SlowlyGettingThere – the #FirstDraft of the #BookCover arrived today – comments welcome

  1. Hi, I am impressed with your website and I wish you all the best with your new book. I like the cover design too! I am thinking about writing a book myself, could we exchange some ideas?

    • Hi Carl, many thanks for your kind comment. I am always interested to talk with other authors. Can you contact me through the “contact me” button, you can find it in the side panel on the right, almost at the top. Please provide an email address there. Clemens

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