How to order the books by Clemens P. Suter

The easiest way to get my books is by searching for “Clemens P. Suter” in your favorite internet store.

All Clemens P. Suter novels are available as paperback and eBook.

You can get the paperbacks in your local bookstore or any of these online stores (clicking on the hyperlinks brings you directly to my books) AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.CO.UK or AMAZON.DE. In the USA, DIESEL.COM or BARNES AND NOBLE also offer my novels; and if you are in Australia, you should click here. In Canada you can click here or visit amazon Canada. My books are also available in many other countries, such as India or Brasil, the Netherlands here or at Van Stockum. In Japan go here.

The eBooks are available in Apple’s iTunes, in Kindle format at amazon (also check your local amazon shop), Kobo, Barnes and Noble and try this link too! Get any eBook format (KINDLE, EPUB, RTF, PDF, Palmdoc, Apple, etc etc…) at my publisher SMASHWORDS. More channels are constantly being added: so search for “Clemens P. Suter” in your device shop.

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