Cats paintings – Getting ready for my next exhibition – 10x15s in oil

Cats are a powerful, dynamic motive. I’m not very fond of cats because I have an allergy, and therefore I’m more of a dog person, out of necessity you could say. Nevertheless I find cats intriguing organisms because they act very independently, and of course they can have a very lovely relationship with their human. It has been said that humans own a dog, but that a cat owns a human, which sums it up nicely! It is all about the nature of these hunters: wolves hunt in packs and chase their prey to exhaustion, whereas cats are stalking hunters, they act alone and out of the silence of the night, they jump from the shadows on their unsuspecting prey. And as cats and dogs compete for the same food sources, they are competitors, which explains the sometimes strained relationship that dogs and cats have with one another.

For painting, cats are very grateful motives and of course I’ve noticed that many of the people that are interested in my work love to put one of these cat portraits on their wall, I have sold many of these.

For these small paintings I’ve used oils, water paint, spray paint, sand and pigment powders; on heavy, structured paper. These paintings are quite small at 15 by 10 centimeters.



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