Get great adventure eBooks directly on Apple iTunes: Exciting Apocalyptic Fiction

Whether you have an old iPhone4 with a cracked display, or the latest iPhone model in platinum and gold, studded with diamonds; a secondhand iPod or an iPad that is too big to get through the door: you will be interested to make the most out of this revolutionary device. All over the globe, Apple users stare into their devices day and night, and not just to grin insanely at pictures of cute cats, wooly puppies or pit-bulls sleeping with happy babies in their jaws. No, the true Apple iTunes fan stares at letters, assembled into words, lined up into sentences, paragraphs, chapters, in short… they read books! Apple users such as you are known as book lovers and bookworms.

As eBook or Paperback

Read Two Journeys or Field of Fire.

All Apple users are now invited to click on this hyperlink directly on their device: Select the adventure book of choice and download with 2-3 clicks. At ridiculously low prices too, as no doubt you will notice.

Find satisfaction – all over the globe

At the airport, in bed, in the bus, or while you are swimming across the British Channel… you can download these books literally everywhere. On the summit of the Mount Everest, on your way to work, in a brothel, in the UK House of Lords or in an operation theater – either as the surgeon or the patient, get your copy now. And although these books are only available in English, you can still buy them from Apple iTunes in all those countries that have made the historical error to use other languages for day-to-day communication.

Even in France.

And why should you click on the link above? This reader comment about two Journeys on Amazon sums it up nicely:

“I LOVED this novel. It is exciting, and a beautiful, beautiful book. It deserves its 5-star rating.”


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