Fahobame! Sailor joke. Not politically correct.

Many years ago a sailor came to a hospital to undergo surgery.

Although slightly older, he was still a beautiful specimen and the female nurses in the ward chatted about him.

“You know what,” said an elderly nurse, “I noticed the strangest thing. I washed the sailor yesterday and I saw this phrase tattooed on his penis.”

“Oh, what did it say?” asked the other nurses.

Fahobame! He has the word Fahobame tattooed on his manhood.”

The nurses pondered what it could mean, and finally a younger nurse picked up courage and went to look.

When she returned 15 minutes later, she was slightly red in the face.

”Well?” asked the other nurses.

“The tattoo doesn’t say Fahobame. It says: Fame and Honor of the Baltic Merchant Fleet.”



Originally posted 2018-10-27 18:51:00.

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