Single Men, Looking for A Wife? A Top Tip that gets you in front of the altar in no time.

Spending some quality time at one of my favorite bistros “Fromagerie La Flamme, ” in Mannheim, Germany. Inspirational: the shipowner next door has put up a small stand with a few shopping bags, which to me look like very crude straw products, but I swear: over a time frame of 30 minutes more than 30 women have inspected these bags and one went ahead and actually bought TWO. Fellas, if you are are looking for a partner: put up a small table with a couple of straw shopping bags in front of your apartment – all you have to do is wait and hey presto: within minutes you’ll have a candidate for some light chitchat, and who knows what will happen next? I bet it’s more effective than one of those “internet dating platforms.” Make sure to read up on how this baskets are made, and you’re a winner.


Originally posted 2018-07-15 04:49:00.

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