Editor’s praise for my novel TWO JOURNEYS

“[…] Alan’s character, […] certainly does evolve over the course of this book, and his interactions with the other characters reveal a lot about his character as well. I found his clinical approach to almost everything completely believable and just part of his personality rather than a lack of character development. In fact, his scientific viewpoint is charming even. Then, as his journey continues, he keeps using his training and knowledge, but he also gets scrappier as time goes on, propelled forward by a raw emotional passion to get to his family rather than analyzing every single event and detail. He feels compassion for the people that he meets even as he analyzes their motives and inner-workings, but he never gives off an inhuman vibe to the reader. He comes across as very human—the time he is almost brought to tears by the meal fixed by Mikhail and Artyom, his instinct to reach out to the despairing Laura, his analysis of Yrina’s losses, his attachment to Bo and King. There are countless examples of the depth and humanity of his character. He is original and yet familiar.”
TWO JOURNEYS here, as paperback or eBook.

Originally posted 2012-01-27 08:32:21.

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