My fourth novel REBOUND is getting closer to being published. Comments from the editor.

Every good book needs a good editor, and I am very happy that I found one with Here are the comments from my editor (my take on these comments are in [brackets]). The text below contains some spoilers. If you would like to stay up to date when this novel will be live, subscribe to this website!

“Good Evening Clemens, Thank you for trusting me with your novel. Before I get to my comments, I have to tell you that this book was one of my most enjoyable projects. I told my wife numerous times during the editing process that I was really liking it and that I would read it on my own accord. My comments:

  • I like that some things are left open-ended. We never fully find out what the craft that Alan and Imani discover are or do. Sometimes authors overexplain – not everything needs to be explicitly spelled out. [Also, as my hero Alan points out in the story, in a post-apocalypric world, there are many more questions than answers; I am glad that the editor liked this approach!]
  • I laughed at the brief QAnon reference (p. 36) [in the book, I make only few hints at current politics, as they will quickly become irrelevant when the stuff hits the fan ;-)]
  • Though the novel has a large cast of characters–largely as a result of Alan’s travels–there are only a few that play a large role, which keeps the narrative from becoming unwieldy. [Phew! This was one of my major concerns for the story].
  • I might suggest adding some kind of time marker to chapter headings. Readers will want to know how much time has passed. If I may make a suggestion, I would use the moment of the pandemic as “Year 0” (which is 2035, or whatever year you choose) and count forward from there. [I haven’t done that in the other two books of this trilogy, as, in a world without humans, time becomes of secondary importance… I will think about this suggestion, let’s see what I can come up with to make the flow of time a bit more transparent].
  • I wonder if in the discussion between Alan and Imani when she discloses how she’s been treated in Switzerland if we might learn what led to her maiming. [Here I am a bit skeptical… but I could perhaps think of a paragraph about who cut out her tongue,]
  • You have a wonderful knack of knowing when to move Alan to a new setting just as circumstances are about to become stale. [attention: SPOILER!] He leaves California, then is chased out of Denver, crossed the Atlantic, and eventually leaves Switzerland to return home once the underground society has reached its natural ending point for him.
  • The relationship between Alan and Imani is so pure – I really enjoyed it. [This was a bigger challenge when writing the story, as Alan is older than Imani, and he is white and she is black… in the end, the yuestion is: are they friends or lovers? I am happy that the way I depicted them has one fan; and the word ‘pure’ describes it so well!)
  • The image of “Imani hanging out of the window with a pump action rifle, giving both barrels to a car full of down-and-outers” (p. 139) is a great one. [Be warned: Imani is not to be fooled with :-)]
  • Overall, there is very little about this that I would change. The descriptions are excellent, the pacing is perfect, and the characters evolve in ways that feel natural. You’ll see track changes reflecting the edits I made, but please don’t hesitate to reach out; I want to ensure you’re 100% satisfied. Thanks again! Best, Jeff

I should be able to take the manuscript to the next stage! Stay tuned, folks.

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