Oh my! Tolino! Read “Fields of Fire” in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria

The Tolino e-readers and tablets are sold by leading booksellers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and in Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy.

The German Bookstores Hugendubel, Thalia, Libri (ebook.de) and Mayersche and Osiander as well as the Belgium Standaard Boekhandel offer my novels on this device… alas the Italian bookstore IBS Italy, ibs.it, libraccio.it and indiE-Book.it – deprive the Italian Tolino users of these excellent adventure novels (negotiations are happening as I write these words, so stay tuned). The netherlandic bookstore Libris.nl (also blz.nl) also allows you to add my work to your Tolino “winkelmandje”

So how can you get ANY of my books directly on your Tolino reader, if you are located in any of these countries? Simple: just click on any of the hyperlinks above (which lead directly to my novels) and… download.

If you live in another country, you can also get a copy of all my novels. Just check here: www.clemenssuter.com/books.


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