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Get great adventure stories as paperback or ebook, on any device! Visionary stories that predicted (in 2010!) the current corona pandemic.

These books are great. Remember the books from your childhood? Used to read them over and over again? Hard to believe people enjoy violence, zombies, that kind of stuff. I didn’t think a thing about those when I read adventure stories as a kid.

You won’t find many stories that you will be more satisfied with. Why? Here’s why.

When I was a little boy, one of the last touring vaudeville companies came through town, and I got to see the show. The centerpiece was a one-act drama featuring a pretty girl in peril. The climactic scene began quietly, with her sitting next to a lamp, sewing. As the mustachioed villain sneaked onstage, the audience began to murmur in alarm. When the lovely young thing gave no sign of sensing the danger, the audience’s murmuring gained urgency and volume.

The innocent girl continued to sew her apron.

Closer crept the villain, drawing a knife from his coat…

In full voice now, the audience warned her: “Behind you. Behind you! Turn around!”

That’s what adventure stories are all about! Forget about the gore; it’s the suspense, stupid.
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