New Fundraiser. Great Art & Books in Support of the Hellabeem Rehabilitation Centre in Sri Lanka. #HellabeemFundraiser

Looking for a great Christmas gift? Join my November art fundraiser to help people that are physically disabled and disadvantaged. 

I have picked a wonderful organization that is doing fantastic work in Sri Lanka:

Hellabeem champions the disabled and disadvantaged by offering them a chance to participate fully in society. The years these young people spend on the Hellabeem campus prepare them in many positive ways for an independent existence. More on the Hellabeem website.

Hellabeem Team

I had a chance to meet the Hellabeem directors and am impressed with their work. As an artist and author I feel obliged, through my paintings and books, to raise money for good causes (past examples here). Last spring I organized a fundraiser, and a record sum of 1400€ was donated to the WHO to combat Corona !

How does this fundraiser work?

In November, I will run daily activities on social media that show my (new) work.

Donate by selecting a painting (also explained in this YouTube movie):

  1. You can find my paintings here on my website. Or visit my studio, open every day of the week. New paintings are added constantly! Select your painting of choice and contact me by email.
  2. Then, donate the price of the painting directly to Hellabeem through this donation page
  3. Show me evidence that you have made the donation, and receive the painting absolutely free of any additional charges. I even ship for free within the EU ! Hellabeem will provide a donation receipt to you for tax purposes – contact me with your address and email if you would like to use this option.

You can also donate by buying a book. This is even easier! Buy any (e)book in any store (find them here) – for instance the 2011 visionary Corona Pandemic novel TWO JOURNEYS). November sales are automatically recorded by the bookstores, so it is easy for me calculate and donate. I can hand-deliver a signed copy.


Young women participating in the Hellabeem program

How to find more information?

Drop me an email if you have any questions! Throughout November, I will showcase new paintings every day. You can stay up to date through:

or TWITTER#hellabeemfundraiser, LINKEDIN#hellabeemfundraiser and GOOGLE#hellabeemfundraiser

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