A Pandemic Strikes Earth. TWO JOURNEYS – the postapocalyptic adventure

Excerpt from my new postapocalyptic novel (not published yet, work-in progress!), the sequel to Two Journeys and Fields of Fire:

She and my son had been looking forward to have a child, but it was not to have been. I had my suspicions why. The pandemic had not only caused the deaths of billions of people, so that only a few thousand or so had survived. Without humans, there was no maintenance, and so one by one all the machines had come to a standstill. Thus, the storage baths for the nuclear fuel elements weren’t cooled anymore, and the liquid had subsequently evaporated. Once that had happened, the uranium and plutonium rods of hundreds of reactors had overheated and Poof! Evaporated into the atmosphere. I shuddered at the idea, and hardly shared it with anyone; it would have a dramatic effect on humanity, on life on this planet, on each single one of us… I suspected that it may have caused my daughter in law’s miscarriage too.

Humanity has gone a long time without a major pandemic. Outbreaks of viruses such as SARS, corona or influenza (e.g. H2N2 or the Asian Flu H3N2; or bird flu) have occurred again and again. Are we prepared? 

The story continues! If you love post-apocalyptic stories, these are the right books for you. If you love plain adventure, make sure to get a copy too.

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3 thoughts on “A Pandemic Strikes Earth. TWO JOURNEYS – the postapocalyptic adventure

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  2. It is a scary scenario, yet I am hopeful that most of the reactors will be switched off before the next accident.

    • Dear Wannapuk, I agree. The challenge is that in the western world it is almost impossible to build new nuclear facilities, as a result of which the lifespan of the current reactors is extended, which is, in my opinion, associated with considerable risk.

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