Ten Tips how to use YouTube for eBook and Art Marketing. Check out my video channel on Youtube.

With an unbeatable 3 million hits for my top video, this YouTube Channel has to be COOL: Clemens P. Suter Video Channel.

With more than a quarter of a million videos uploaded per day, more than a thousand years required to view all excisting videos, more than 100 million videos watched daily, and more than 300 million users accounts, YouTube continues to amaze. It is among the most popular sites in the world and the second most popular search engine after Google. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Tictoc (all channels that I also use for promotion or as a consumer), YouTube may be a prime channel to reach your readers… but it is also highly complex. Stilll, using it for marketing is worth the effort.

How to get started

  • Many people might consider YouTube and video-making as highly complex, and this can be a tremendous blocker to get started. Reduce your expectations to yourself and your first videos. Just get going!
  • Making a movie can be done with any smartphone, this is extremely simple. You dont need any special equipment. You don’t need to be a technical eypert.
  • People value content. This content could be the story that the video brings across, but it can also be you, as a person. So, as an author you may interview yourself about your latest book, a campaign, or ideas about writing. I have filmed myself explaining the content of my blogposts. Bringing a point across by speaking is in many cases more effective (in comparison to written text).
  • Keep the video short (1-2 minutes) and simple. Dont try to be perfect. In many cases, the very first take will be the best… even if it contains a slip-up.
  • Be authentic. Just be you. Smiling helps, but many of us aren’t natural smilers. Still, don’t fake it.
  • Thus, creation of the video will take some thought, but theoretically, you can film it within half an hour, and then be ready for upload.
  • If you have a google account, your are all set for YouTube too. Uploading can be done within minutes, but you will need to spend some time to enhance the video with useful information:
  • Use a title that contains the right buzzwords and is attractive for viewers.
  • In your description of the video, summarize the contents shortly, and try to make people curious. Include a call to action: for instance you can ask people to visit your website. Put that link in the first 2-3 sentences of the description (not at the bottom… where it won’t be noticed).
  • You can also add some background music, YouTube offers this for free.
  • Once this information has been included, your video can go live. At this stage nothing much will happen; unless you are famous already. Few people will notice your video. So you will need to use social media to direct people to the video. 
  • Don’t stop with one video. You will have to build a portfolio of videos; and not all will be hits. Learn from the ones that are performing best!

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