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An author’s journey. Mindtravel is unrestricted

Progress in completing the manuscript of the new adventure novel REBOUND was disappointing these two past weeks (November 2021). Other obligations took time and effort: the marketing of TWO JOURNEYS (available e.g. as eBook $2.99, you can find it for instance at Apple Books) and FIELDS OF FIRE (available e.g. as paperback $19.99, for instance at, needed urgent attention. In addition, I have been looking at ways to identify a publishing house and a literary agent; both of which take time. And I had a lot of other things to do too… taken together, all these distraction didn’t help to focus on corrections of the manuscript’s storyline. It still needs work; the flow and the action have to be smooth like silk.

So I have set up a rigid schedule, with specific times each a day (also weekends) dedicated to finalizing the corrections. After all, the aim is to publish five books in considerably less than five years… and that, to put it bluntly, that’s a challenge.

Here another tasty snippet from the new manuscript. Enjoy!

++++++++++REBOUND+++Draft+++Copyright+Clemens P. Suter+++++++++

We crossed the Swiss border and passed into the town of Basel. The road was four-lane, but soon we came to a traffic jam that disappeared into a tunnel underneath the northern site of the city. Like so many other tunnels, it had flooded with water shortly after the power-stations had shut down; most tunnels depended on continuously running pumps to stay dry. We had no other option than to maneuver through the narrow streets of the town, across the Rhine bridge, past the old city hall with its characteristic red façade, and from there in the direction of the railway station and the highway beyond. Francois insisted on getting some quality Swiss chocolate, so I parked the truck in an alleyway leading up to the Munster cathedral, a landmark of the town. I stood guard with the dogs, machine gun in my hand, pistols in my belt. Although the city seemed to be deserted, I still felt edgy and listened for sounds constantly.

Finally, Francois appeared again. I couldn’t help smiling, as he was lugging a cardboard box so heavy that the sweat was running down his face. “If I had known you were such a Luculus, we should have stayed in France.” He looked at me vacantly, clearly oblivious of the Roman dignitary famous for organizing lavish banquets. We boarded and continued towards the main station.

The curvy street had allowed only a single file of cars and only in one direction. Parked cars stood on the sides, many blocking the view of the sidewalks and the shops. I was driving slowly and both of us were checking our surroundings intently.

Suddenly a man appeared in the middle of the road. He wore army gear and a machine gun and raised his hand. I saw a couple of other men crouching down behind the parked cars. Although we had been expecting this to happen, we were still surprised, and Francois cursed underneath his breath.

With the bored air of a commanding officer, the man stepped up to our car and signaled me to lower the window. Francois and I had gone over possible scenarios, so it came as no surprise to see Francois steadying his machine gun towards the window. I quickly glanced back at the three dogs.

Je dois vous demander de sortir de la voiture.” Get out of the car, the man said.

“We have important information for your boss,” I said in English, “tell us where we can find him so that we can speak to him.”

“First get out of ze car. Leave your gunze in ze car.”

“I am not going to discuss this. We are not getting out of this vehicle, and we won’t disarm.” I looked ahead, pretending disinterest.

He seemed slightly astonished and considered his options. After a few seconds he spoke again. “Wher’ ar’ you ‘eading?”

“To your boss. Show us the way and we will talk to him.”

Silence followed. Without speaking, he turned around.

“There will shooting,” I said, “he seems to be in command, there is nobody he is going to ask for advice or commands. He will try to get us out of the truck.” Francois nodded. I checked the gas; the engine was still running. The officer withdrew behind the parked cars. We couldn’t see him or his companions. Somebody shouted. ”Get out of ze car, now!” To emphasize these words, one of the men fired a few shots at us, which cracked the windscreen. I would have been dead if the glass hadn’t been bulletproof. I opened the car door and grabbed Bo by the skin of his neck. “Show us what you can do, boy. Get them! Go! Go!” Enthusiastically, Bo clawed his way over my lap, his claws scratching my bare skin, and jumped to the ground. I didn’t have to say anything to the other two dogs, who immediately followed their leader. With their ears in their necks and low to the ground, the three dogs stormed forward and disappeared between the cars, silent and deadly like ghosts in the night. Francois and I jumped out of the vehicle too,  and staying low to the ground we quickly moved forward, one of us on one side of the street. A few shots were fired in our direction, but soon, shortly after a horrible growl, the shooting stopped.

Within seconds, we came upon the officer and two soldiers. The dogs had them pinned to the ground, snarling, holding their arms and necks. The officer tried to go for his pistol, but Lex released the man’s throat and went for his hand, his fangs closing on the man’s fingers. The officer’s face contorted from pain and panic. “Get him off, get him off!” he shrieked with an unnatural high-pitched voice.

Francois and I removed their guns and kicked them underneath the parked cars. I called the dogs back. Immediately they retreated and sat down beside me, liking their jowls. The officer held his bleeding hand close to his chest. “Wat ‘ave you dunn?” I kneeled next to him and took his hand. “You will need to get that hand taken care of, and your colleagues also need medical attention. Is there a doctor in your unit?”

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Photoos of our Christmas exhibition

It was a cold Saturday afternoon, but we (the organizers: Clemens, Markus and Charlotte) were very happy about the big turn-out, the interest in our work and the opportunity to interact with our fans, readers and buyers.

Photography by Markus Pfeffer (in the fully renovated barn – the only place that was heated too :)
“Fish XI” 2007 (Clemens Suter – sold)


Book reading by Charlotte Otter
The book signing corner. In the background “Raven II” (2007, sold)

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Möchten Sie bei unserem nächsten Kunstevent dabei sein? Wenn ja, nutzen Sie bitte diesen Email-Link.

Angesichts der aktuellen Corona-Situation.

Wir danken den vielen Teilnehmern, die unsere Einladung zum Kunstevent im April 2020 angenommen haben. Leider kann die Veranstaltung höchstwahrscheinlich nicht stattfinden. Wir werden die Entwicklungen weiter verfolgen und alle Teilnehmer über diesen Blog-Beitrag (link) informieren, auch über ein alternative Datum. Die Veranstaltung ist aber noch ca. 4 Wochen in der Zukunft und die Situation kann sich schnell ändern.

Ich blogge über Corona. Die neuesten Blogposts finden Sie hier.


Anregende Stunden mit Künstlern aus der Region: diesmal mit Hanna TIlch, Eva Hestermann-Beyerle, Heike Hestermann-Johann und Clemens Suter-Crazzolara


  • Diese Events finden regelmäßig, und immer an einem Samstag, 14:00-16:00 statt.
  • Partner und Kinder willkommen. Besucher dieser Vernissage brauchen (außer gute Laune 😊) nichts mit zu bringen.


banner_HannaHanna Tilch | TÖPFEREI

Ich habe mich schon lange in vielen handwerklich-kreativen Techniken versucht und mit verschiedenen Materialien gearbeitet. Vor einigen Jahren bin ich dann dem Werkstoff Ton verfallen! In Georg Krüger fand ich in Bannstein im Elsass einen sehr guten Lehrer. Jährlich nehme ich dort an Kursen teil um mehr zu lernen über die fast unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten im Arbeiten mit Ton. Es ist immer wieder spannend meinen abgekühlten Ofen zu öffnen, um die fertigen Teile zu betrachten. Kein Stück gleicht dem anderen – dieselben Glasuren zeigen auf verschiedenen Tonen bei verschiedenen Temperaturen völlig andere Effekte und Farben… eine unendliche Vielfalt.

Banner-Eva-HBEva Hestermann-Beyerle | Bildhaukunst

Nach ersten Versuchen mit Speckstein hat mich die Leidenschaft des Bildhauens vor ca. 10 Jahren gepackt. Seitdem besuche ich Kurse von Karin Schmiedebach, einer ausgezeichneten Lehrerin. Ich arbeite vor allem mit Holz, es ist ein lebendiger Werkstoff, der mich mit der Natur verbindet. Holz birgt immer Überraschungen in sich. Das gilt für die Bearbeitung, die sich ganz unterschiedlich gestalten kann. Aber besonders auch für die Maserung, die oft unerwartete Überraschungen bietet. Außer mit Holz habe ich mit verschiedenen Steinen gearbeitet, wobei mich besonders der Alabaster fasziniert.


Banner-Eva-Schwester-HBHeike Hestermann-Johann | malerei

Heike Hestermann-Johann lebt mit ihrem Mann mitten im Ruhrgebiet. Sie ist Mutter 3er erwachsener Kinder. Schon von Kindheit an interessierte sie sich fürs Zeichnen und Malen. Als die Kinder es wieder zu ließen, malte sie erstmals mit Aquarellfarben. Später wandte sie sich den Ölfarben zu. Die Vielfalt der Ölmalerei hält sie bis heute gefangen. Häufigste Motive sind Blumen und Landschaften. Die größte Herausforderung sieht sie darin, die Formen und Farben der Natur in Einklang zu bringen und die unterschiedlichen Stimmungen auszudrücken.


Clemens malt seit frühester Kindheit und hat bereits an vielen Orten in den Niederlanden und Deutschland ausgestellt. Seine Bilder schmücken viele Häuser, in Europa und den USA. 2009 veröffentlichte Clemens seinen ersten Roman “Two Journeys“ unter dem Namen Clemens P. Suter. Seine spannenden Bücher nehmen den Leser mit bis ans Ende der Welt … und darüber hinaus. Er ist seit über 25 Jahren verheiratet und hat zwei Söhne sowie einen schwarzen Hund, der in seinen Büchern und in manchen seiner Bilder mitunter die Hauptrolle spielt. and  

14:00 | Aperitif, Betrachten der Ausstellung

15:00 | Lesung

15:25 | Gespräche mit den Künstlern und Buchsignierung

16:00 | Ende der Veranstaltung


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