“I honestly couldn’t put it down. A great work of imagination” (Apple books review)

Clemens P. Suter is the author of best-selling adventure and science fiction. His first novel, published in 2010, describes the adventures of a single survivor of a deadly corona pandemic. With a PhD in biology, Suter knows the trends that will affect our lives, from technology to society. Clemens Suter is an avid reader and a movie fan, and as a result, his books’ heroes are bigger than life, yet they know right from wrong, fact from fiction… these stories effectively combine suspense with intelligence, humor and compassion.

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Published in 2010, TWO JOURNEYS describes the devastating aftermath of a corona pandemic. Alan, the sole survivor, is stuck in Japan and has to decide whether to wait for rescuers that may never arrive or to travel home through an empty world. He sets out on a journey across the Asian continent. With dangers lurking around every corner, Alan has to battle both nature and his inner doubts.


Celeterra, an action-packed mystery story. Featuring Vance, shop owner and part-time detective, a stolen testament, and a religious cult that stops at nothing. A rollercoaster of an adventure.


Hard to believe that this 2016 book describes the devastating effects of a corona pandemic. A pandemic has killed humanity, and a few survivors need to cope with the hardships of the post-apocalypse. On the run from gangs in the Old World, Alan and his family arrive in the United States, hoping to build a new life. But danger lurks around every corner as they cross the violent continent.


Collected short stories by the master storyteller! Read about the young man who finds a mysterious tunnel beneath his garden; mysterious goings-on set in a French forest; a robot reporting about its visit to Earth, or the tale of the water monster from Hockenheim: these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. Contents: Watermonster, the Exploration of Planet 17824540930, Forest, Doreen, Potassium Hydroxide, The Tunnel, The Naked Truth and the Lie Dressed up as the Truth.


Eine humorvolle und leicht gruselige Weihnachtsgeschichte… aus der Zukunft! Ideal zum vorlesen.


A slightly scary story from a dystopian future. Ideal to read during the holiday season.


Eine Horrorgeschichte aus Hockenheim. In der Dunkelheit der Nacht kriecht das Wassermonster aus dem Kraichbach, um unschuldige Kinder zu stehlen. Kann Frederick Quicksilver die Stadt retten? Language: German. English Title: Watermonster (available in the collection “Amazing Stories”).

Reader comments

Short message to Roland Emmerich and Quentin Tarantino: this is the story for your next film”

“Great post-apocalyptic novel. Not for the faint of heart. If this is the future world, let’s hope the Mayans were right. Recommended reading.”

“The author took on the difficult task of creating a new face to the planet Earth after a big disaster. I was intrigued through the first few hours and am glad I kept reading.”


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