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An Interview in the RNZ newspaper with SciFi and Fantasy focus

My books and short stories received additional attention, this time in the newspaper Rhein Neckar Zeitung. A great interview about my work and sources of inspiration. The English translation of this German article can be found below. Here is the direct link to this February 1st, 2021 article. Here is the Article as PDF.

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The “Rheinmonster” short is available in English and German. For the English version, refer to the short story bundle “SHORT STORIES”.

English translation of the interview.

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara likes the city of Hockenheim: “I really enjoy living here.” Now he has set a monument to the city with his first horror story “The Rhine Monster”. It’s a mini science fiction book for young and old that is a little scary. It’s about a grandfather who tells his grandchildren a horror story about a dangerous monster. This monster is up to mischief in Hockenheim until two heroes take action against the monster. Will they actually defeat the monster?

That will not be revealed at this point. “It is my first book that I wrote in German,” says Clemens Suter-Crazzolara. So far, the 60-year-old has written three novels in English. It usually finds readers in Great Britain, the USA or Australia. A fourth novel is in the works and should appear later this year.

The author wrote his debut novel ten years ago: “I could no longer hold back the urge to write.” So he regularly got up at 3 or 4 a.m. to sit at his desk. Then he went to work. His first science fiction book is downright prophetic: An epidemic threatens the world. “By chance I chose a corona virus. As the current situation shows, it is one of the viruses that can quickly become dangerous through mutations.” The novel was published in 2011 and was successful. “With the actual Corona crisis, interest has increased again.”

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara actually comes from the Netherlands. Even as a child he loved to write. “I started a novel then,” he says. He still has the fragments. “They’re flying around somewhere.” After school, he had the choice of studying history, journalism or biology. The author decided to study biology. The first professional station was in Switzerland, where Suter did research in cell biology, also on HIV, and afterwards did his doctorate. He remembers the moment when he and colleagues looked at the first batch of HIV viruses delivered from the USA in their tubes: “We had respect for the danger.” He came to the Heidelberg University Clinic via the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne and did research on Parkinson’s disease. “I was always on the search for the truth. This is how you advance research in small steps in search of cures.”

When he switched to the IT company SAP, the expert once again dealt with health issues, this time from the perspective of the software industry: “How is it possible, for example, to gain new information from the flood of data?” This know-how about viruses, infections, software programs and data flows into creative writing. Readers can deal with current future topics in an entertaining way.

The author publishes his books himself and markets them on the Internet as paperback and e-books. He is now looking for a publisher to publish his English books in Germany. The horror story of Hockenheim is already written in German. It should be noted that the chairman of the Kunstverein Hockenheim also paints and exhibits pictures. After deducting expenses, Clemens Suter-Crazzolara donates the proceeds from pictures and books to a good cause. “It’s great that I have the opportunity to write and paint – that’s where I want to help other people.”

Info: The e-book “Das Rheinmonster” is available in all eStores for 0.99€.

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A nightly walk through Doha, Qatar

View of the skyline of Doha, Qatar. On the left the Corniche, on the right the Persian Gulf. These are all business towers, in the streets there isn’t much action (as explained here).

Doha skyline

Doha Qatar – skyline

Below: a section of the Doha  souk where traders specialize in selling pets, birds, dogs, cats, tropical fish…  you name it. Exotic ones too, like this parrot. Nice fluffy kittens and puppies, most very passive or sleeping. Personally I couldn’t buy anything here, I felt pity for most of the poor animals. The health of these animals is doubtful too, many cats and dogs are reared under terrible conditions, like in mass production. I am not sure the government in Qatar controls this in any way. Interestingly, few pets are actually visible in the streets: no dogs, and the cats that roam about are all obviously wild outcasts, and ignored.


Another part of the souk of Doha. Like most areas in Doha, this is a modern, new area, so not overtly exotic. The shops are interesting for tourists that like to purchase gold and jewelry, I’ve heard that it is possible to make a good deal. A few dozen restaurants line the pavement… and as a special service to the clientele, air conditioners (those big grey boxes visible in the picture) are put on the pavement (outside!) to blow cold air at the diners. Now, that’s exotic. People in Qatar have few worries about CO2 – energy is free, there are hardly any trees, and it is already hot and human, so what negative effect could climate change have in addition?

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Doha, Qatar. A brisk walk through a very dull town.

I had forgotten why I took this picture. I now remember that it wasn’t because of the building in the background, but because of the cars: all 4WD vehicles. It is rumored that the average Qatari has a 4WD for going to work, a sports car for going to dinner and a special desert car for the weekend.

This picture, taken at the corniche, shows a spa with the picture of the Qatar emir – which is shown all over. I took this photo mostly because of the full moon over the Persian Gulf.

Before Qatar struck gold with natural gas, pearl fishing was one of the main industries (referred to in Jules Verne’s “20000 leagues,” if my memory doesn’t fail me). This sculpture, with a man-high pearl, can be found in the port. There isn’t much art in the streets, not untypical for an Islamic country, although that doesn’t leave much to see and enjoy.

Learn more about my travels:

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An Exciting Short Story “The Exploration of Planet 17824540930.” SciFi, IoT and Machine Learning.

My latest #eBook “The Exploration of Planet #17824540930” will make you think about where current society is headed with the increasing robotization, machine learning and the internet of things. A humorous view on mankind and its follies.

The future of Robokind

Humankind will, at some distant point in time, manage to build self-replicating robots. These robots will be able to harvest minerals and metals, and will create their own offspring, each generation better suited to its environment. These robots will be able to leave Earth (since the initial models will have been designed by humans to do so), and initially settle throughout our solar system, then making the big jump to the Great Beyond. Humans will not be part of this Great Exploration, as our bodies are not suited for space travel, mainly due to the radiation levels encountered in deep space. In addition, the time needed to travel from star system to star system are very large if compared to the average lifespan of a human. Humans have a hard time planning beyond the next presidential election, and are incapable of planning a hundred years into the future. Thus the colonization of space will for a large part be the job of robots and some parasitic organisms that these robots will carry with them.

The good news is that these robots will have very little interest in organic lifeforms, humans included – as long as these lifeforms aren’t a threat, they will be ignored. Thus, if extraterrestrials will ever visit Earth (or have done so in the past), these visitors will most likely be robots, inconspicuous and disinterested.

Read the story now.

eBook Cover "The Exploration of Planet #17824540930"

The Exploration of Planet Earth by Robots – an eBook


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REBOUND. The New & Thrilling Adventure Novel is Available NOW

Very pleased to announce today’s availability of REBOUND. The official release is Sunday, March 13th, 2022. Already now, you can get a copy on Apple Books, Kindle, Tolino, and in many other eBook stores. Buy or make a pre-order today: reduced price only for the pre-order period.

Rebound: a post-apocalyptic SciFi thriller. A story of courage and perseverance in a world changed beyond imagination.

Alan the adventurer is back! A deadly pandemic has caused societal collapse. Together with his three dogs, Alan travels the lonely roads of Armageddon. He is joined by Imani, a young woman, and victim of gang violence. Together they set out to discover the truth: where did the virus originate? Where do the mysterious robots come from? During their travels from San Francisco to the European Alps, they discover a danger that could wipe out the final remnants of humanity. In a world ruled by anarchy, with the last humans fighting for control, Alan’s and Imani’s chances of success or survival look bleak. Can they save humankind from ultimate disaster?

“The snow stings in my eyes as I step into the wild, my gun raised and loaded, the dogs barking, but following. I feel my teeth baring themselves in a menacing grin. This is the life I have chosen, and this is the life that has chosen me. No matter how much these old bones hurt, by everything holy and unholy, throw it at me. I am ready.”

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More photos of Qatar – the Emirate on the Persian Gulf #exotic #iamtraveling

Again I had a chance to visit this intriguing country (see elsewhere in my blog – but as I was quite busy, I couldn’t take a lot of photos. Some impressions below.

There aren’t many old buildings in Qatar; due to the profit created from natural gas, many new skyscrapers are being built.

Sound advice, and not only for people that live in a desert.

We visited an extraordinary Persian restaurant, beautifully decorated. There were a dozen waitresses and waiters – not a single one from the same country. Qatar has 2.5M inhabitants, and only 10% are actual Qataris. The rest are migrants from every conceivable country.

Even more skyline. An accident happened close to my hotel: a tree fell over. This may sound absurd, as Qatar is usually not associated with an abundance of trees. It did cause considerable ruckus: dozens of men surrounded the tree and gaped at it in shock and horror.

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Ten Tips how to use YouTube for eBook and Art Marketing. Check out my video channel on Youtube.

With an unbeatable 3 million hits for my top video, this YouTube Channel has to be COOL: Clemens P. Suter Video Channel.

With more than a quarter of a million videos uploaded per day, more than a thousand years required to view all excisting videos, more than 100 million videos watched daily, and more than 300 million users accounts, YouTube continues to amaze. It is among the most popular sites in the world and the second most popular search engine after Google. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Tictoc (all channels that I also use for promotion or as a consumer), YouTube may be a prime channel to reach your readers… but it is also highly complex. Stilll, using it for marketing is worth the effort.

How to get started

  • Many people might consider YouTube and video-making as highly complex, and this can be a tremendous blocker to get started. Reduce your expectations to yourself and your first videos. Just get going!
  • Making a movie can be done with any smartphone, this is extremely simple. You dont need any special equipment. You don’t need to be a technical eypert.
  • People value content. This content could be the story that the video brings across, but it can also be you, as a person. So, as an author you may interview yourself about your latest book, a campaign, or ideas about writing. I have filmed myself explaining the content of my blogposts. Bringing a point across by speaking is in many cases more effective (in comparison to written text).
  • Keep the video short (1-2 minutes) and simple. Dont try to be perfect. In many cases, the very first take will be the best… even if it contains a slip-up.
  • Be authentic. Just be you. Smiling helps, but many of us aren’t natural smilers. Still, don’t fake it.
  • Thus, creation of the video will take some thought, but theoretically, you can film it within half an hour, and then be ready for upload.
  • If you have a google account, your are all set for YouTube too. Uploading can be done within minutes, but you will need to spend some time to enhance the video with useful information:
  • Use a title that contains the right buzzwords and is attractive for viewers.
  • In your description of the video, summarize the contents shortly, and try to make people curious. Include a call to action: for instance you can ask people to visit your website. Put that link in the first 2-3 sentences of the description (not at the bottom… where it won’t be noticed).
  • You can also add some background music, YouTube offers this for free.
  • Once this information has been included, your video can go live. At this stage nothing much will happen; unless you are famous already. Few people will notice your video. So you will need to use social media to direct people to the video. 
  • Don’t stop with one video. You will have to build a portfolio of videos; and not all will be hits. Learn from the ones that are performing best!

Check out more here:


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The Sense and Sensibility of Goodreads – Top or Flop?

Authors are always on the look-out for the right channel to engage with their readers and fans. Twenty years ago, this was easy, as publishers used the classical print media or live events for book presentations and advertising. With the birth of the internet, social media and PoD (publishing-on-demand or print-on-demand) this has changed dramatically. Authors are forced to engage on a multitude of platforms; I am using a dozen.

One of those channels is Goodreads, where my author profile has been live since 2010. At first sight, this platform should be ideal to bring readers and authors together, as it is completely focused on books and literature. This is possibly the reason that Amazon acquired Goordreads back in 2013.

But Goodreads isn’t working for me, neither in my role as an author, nor as a reader. Why is that? As one fellow author wrote:

“Goodreads Sucks and is Not Worthwhile”

Readers aren’t given a way to judge what was wrong and writers are not given a chance to improve their work. There is no value of any kind to this method. Second, when text reviews are left, they are quite often extremely negative. Not just negative – I’ve found Goodreads reviews tend to be vicious to the extreme.

Luckily my books have been spared the more vicious attacks by readers, but I do agree with Writing King – it is easy to notice that ratings for some books may well be positive, but the reviews are in many cases written by overtly negative people, many of whom have neither little knowledge of writing good reviews – nor what makes good literature.

Looking at the site from an author AND reader perspective there are many ways the platform could be improved.

  • Although it is understandable why Amazon acquired Goodreads (to draw readers to their online bookshop), they are doing very little for the benefit of their two users. For me as a reader, I am challenged to find more books to read on Goodreads – I rather use Amazon for that (not that I much at Amazon; I simply like Amazon to identify interesting products). As an author, I have uploaded all my books – but that’s it. It is very hard to then start promotions. Amazon does promotions too, but with a high-pricetag, and like any other publisher, they have a couple of favorite authors that they promote – the rest are on their own.
  • It seems as if functionality is removed (e.g. the connector to Facebook), not added. It should be possible to do quite exciting things with such a platform, e.g. stimulate the interaction between authors and readers. As it is now, all communication is uni-directional.
  • Reviews are very easy to publish, but obviously they aren’t quality checked, which is deadly for any platform that lives on reviews.
  • The interface looks old and stuffy. Besides books, I am great fan of movies too, and IMDB looks by far better! By the way, IMDB is also owned by Amazon, you may see a pattern emerging…
  • I have been a member of several Goodreads communities, which are overall bloodless. If I have a question, I may join such a community, but I leave it quickly again once I have my answer. Far too many notifications!
  • The site is confusing, and after using it for so many years, neither purpose nor navigation is obvious to me. Is it social media? – nah not really. Is it a catalog? – nah not really.

In short: as an author I will remain present on Goodreads, but I will continue to keep a low profile. What Goodreads needs is either a dramatic make-over… by someone who knows how to make social media attractive.

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