Drinking song (a poem)

We stood looking at the sky
Could this get any worse
All of it a man endless lie
What was the hidden verse
The sun swung like a naked bulb
Leaking gooey power
Emptied glasses in a single gulp
Shivery shower
A never ending bellow
Just didn’t sound right
One was yellow
Afraid of the night
Hit the right dose
Bleeding broken nose

Buddy, our unphotographable dog, hard at work protecting our house

Buddy is now ten years old, and through his long experience, he knows that the best spot to see the street is from the top of the stairs. With his tennis ball in his mouth, he can even take an occasional nap, should the strain of guarding take its toll.

Alas! iPhone cameras have been optimized for blond dogs, not black ones, so Buddy’s features aren’t easy to recognize.B87A4983-87A2-423F-94A5-0B0425779A90.jpeg