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We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. ~Anais Nin. WELCOME!  I am pleased to provide some background about the philosophy behind my work. As a biologist, I have an ardent interest in nature. Evolution is a wonderful force of nature;  we are all genetically connected, and the distinction between what defines humans and animals is fuzzy. Thus, animals are individuals, and deserve the same respect that we (should) give fellow man. Animals have strong survival instincts in the harshest of landscapes, showing tremendous resilience as individuals, but also as team players. Many of my paintings depict animals, they have been humanized, emphasizing their unique characters and adding some humor… and vice versa for my paintings of humans.


Our initial painting (one of the RAVENS) was recently complemented with a PUFFIN. Although both paintings are different in subject, they hang on our living room wall very harmoniously; united through style and technique. We enjoy them every day.” ~H. & D.


New paintings are added constantly, so revisit this page. Each painting is original work, created with the best materials, e.g. in oil colors and on canvas. Structure and depth (not fully appreciable in the photos) is created through multiple layers of ochre collected in the French Provence.


Below all paintings are shown – those that are available, and towards the bottom those that have found new owners –> these are marked with ###.  hese original and unique pieces of art are highly competitively priced. Calculate the price as follows: 3.5 x length + width. This means that a 20x20cm painting costs as little as 120€, a painting measuring 70x20cm costs no more than 315€. The largest works (e.g. measuring 150 by 120cm) cost 945€. Drawings on paper have lower prices (as indicated below).

DIVER. Oil on canvas. 40x40cm

WOMAN ON BED. Oilcrayons on Paper. Size: A3. Reduced price – 80€.

BLUE FISH. 20x20cm. Oil on ochre and canvas.

GIRL ON BED. A2. Oilcrayons on course paper. Reduced price: 50€

SWIMMERS. Oil on canvas. 30x30cm

FLOWERS. 20x20cm. Oil, ochre on canvas.

FLOWERS #1. Oil, ochre on canvas. 50 x 70 cm.

fullsizerender1 “CAMEL” oil, acrylic, ochre on canvas. 30×40 cm.

FLOWERS #2. Oil, acrylic, ochre, paper on canvas. 50×70 cm.

FLOWERS #3. Oil on canvas. 40x40cm.

SIX DESERT DOGS. This magnificent canvas will impress all your friends and family. 150x92cm, oil and ochre. Available.

DIVER #2. Oil on canvas, 50x70cm.

FLOWERS. 135x115cm. Acrylic, ochre on canvas

 PUFFIN. Oil, ochre, sand, pigments, acrylic, gold on canvas. 40x40cm.


BLACK BIRD. Gold, Ocker, Oil on Canvas. 40x40cm. Available.

PUFFIN. Oil, ochre, pigments, gold, acrylic on canvas. 40x30cm..

WOMAN ON A BED. Oil on canvas. 50×70 cm

GOLDFISH. Oil, ochre, gold, acrylic on canvas. 50×60 cm. Available.

THREE WOLVES. Oil, Ochre Acrylic on Canvas. 20x100cm. Available.

„Large Abstract“. 140x100cm. Oil, Acrylic, Ochre on Canvas. Available.

DESERT ANIMALS. 30x20cm. Oil, acrylic, red ochre on canvas. Available.

“Blue Fish” 30x40cm. Oil, Ocker on Canvas. Available.
PUFFIN #1.  Oil, Ocker, Sand, on Canvas. 70x80cm. Available.

“MOUNTAINS” Oil and ochre on acrylic and canvas. 30x30cm. Available.

“Red Bird.” 40x30cm, 2020. Oil, Ocker on canvas. 195€

ORANGE BIRD. 40x30cm. Oil, ochre on acrylic and canvas. Available.


RAVEN. 50x60cm. Oil, Ocker, Gold on canvas. Available.

RAVEN #4 RAVEN #4. Gold, Ocker, Sand, Acrylic, on CANVAS. 80x70cm. Available.

RED FISH #3. Oil, Acrylic, Sand, Pigments on Canvas. 97x69cm, Available.

“MOUNTAINS” Oil and ochre on acrylic and canvas. 30x30cm. Available.


BLACK BIRD. Oil, acrylic, paper, ochre on canvas. 80x89cm. Available.

CAT. Iron Wire, Gypsum, Porcelain. 40x50cm


“Cats” Oil, ocker on paper. Each:


RED FISH. Oil, ochre on canvas 30x90cm. Available.



Munich in the fifties. 20x30cm. Oil on canvas.

SEMINOLE MOUTAIN LION. Oil, Ochre and Acrylic on Canvas. 116x65cm. (inspired by cave art from Available.

ORANGE MOUNTAINS. Oil, Ochre on Canvas.25x30cm. Available.

EIGHTY ONE FISH. 149x99cm. Oil, acrylic, on canvas.

(eighty one fish)

(eighty one fish)

March2008 146

FLAG. Oil on canvas. 50x60cm. Available.


RUBEN’S SHARK. oil on canvas. 123x54cm. Available.


“Whale” Oil, Ochre, on canvas. 40x30cm. Available.

“NINE BLUE DOGS”. Oil, Acrylic, Ocker, on Canvas. 120x100cm. Available.

Woman on bed. Oil on canvas. Available
ON THE BEACH. Oil, ochre on canvas. 50x70cm. Available.
DOG. Oil, ochre, acrylic on canvas. 42x57cm. Available.

RHINO. Oil, ochre, gold and acrylic on cardboard. Available.

LITTLE BOY oil and ochre on canvas. 30×40 cm.

DOG. Oil on acrylic and ochre.



### RED FISH #7.  Oil, ockre, acrylic on Canvas. 70x50cm. (No longer available)

### DIVER #1. Oil on canvas, 40x40cm. 



“PUFFIN”. 30x40cm (no longer available). Oil, gold, pigments, Ocker on Canvas. Available.

CAT (No longer available)

### GIRL. 40x50cm. Oil on acrylic on canvas.

Goldfish II

### Gold, oil, Ocker on canvas. 20x30cm


RED CAT.  (No longer availabke)

Puffin II

Puffin II. Oil, Ocker, Acryl on Canvas. 40x50cm (no longer available)


DOG. 100x90cm. (no longer available

“Green Fish” 0il, Ocker, Acrylic on Canvas. 20×30. (no longer available)

### “GREEN FISH” Oil, ochre, on canvas. 25×25 cm

### “Goldfish” 20x30cm, 2020. Oil, Ocker, Gold on canvas. (No longer available)



“Camel” 40x43cm, 195€. Oil, Ocker on Rough Canvas. (no longer available)

Monkey. (No longer available).Oil on Canvas 20x30cm
Above: Cat (no longer available) Above: Cat (no longer available)
Afb003 Above: exhibition – with painting of a Raven (no longer available)

“PUFFIN (#4)”. 30x30cm. Oil, gold, pigments, Ocker, acrylic on canvas. (No longer available)

RED FISH. Oil, Acrylic and Ocker on Canvas. (on loan) RED FISH. Oil, Acrylic and Ocker on Canvas. (on loan)
IMG_2258 Raven (no longer available)
image12 Shark (no longer available)
March2008 155


PUFFIN. Oil, ochre, sand, gold, acrylic on canvas. 50x40cm. No longer available.

SEASCAPE. 37x28cm. Private collection.
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Our regular exhibits

Our regular exhibits


Our regular exhibits


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bilder 001

Cat. (no longer available)

bilder 003

CAT (no longer available)

bilder 005

CAT (no longer available)

erdboden III

“GIRAFFES” (no longer available)


“SNORKELFISCH”. No longer available


MOUNTAINS. Oil, ochre, on canvas. 50x50cm. No longer available.

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