The art of Clemens P. Suter. Each painting is original work, created with ever-lasting and the best materials, in oil and on canvas. Many of these paintings have already found new owners, drop me a note if you are interested in taking a closer look at available work.

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2008_pics_Nov 067

Above: Cat (sold)


Above: exhibition – with painting of a Raven (sold)

HollandHausEbayOct06 140

Above: Fish (on loan)


Above: Raven (sold)


Above: Shark (sold)


Above: Camel (private ownership)


Collage of many paintings

Clemens' paintings

Yearly exhibit

More blogposts with Clemens P. Suter paintings are tagged with “painting” on this website. All paintings created on canvas and with oil colors. Combination with sands and natural pigments. 

I ship worldwide – or feel free to make an appointment for an on-site visit. This is all original artwork.

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