Are you an Indie Author? Do you need more reviews of your work?

Many (indie) authors suffer from the lack of good reviews of their work. The reason is that an author may have hundreds, thousands of readers, but only few readers will take the time to write and leave a review.

I read several books a week – yes, I am a fast reader. And as an author, YOU can turn this to your benefit: if you have written a novel or story, and if you are willing to provide me with a copy, I can read your work, write a review and publish this on external channels.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it ? You may wonder: what is the snag?

  • I will need a free copy of your novel (e.g. as PDF file, by email. I leave that up to you).
  • It must be an adventure story (that’s what I write and I want to stay ‘on brand’. I decide and prioritize reviews – sorry, no discussions ;-)
  • If you return the favor, that would be highly appreciated.

Sounds interesting? Use the contact form to reach out and we will take it from there: I would love to hear from you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Are you an Indie Author? Do you need more reviews of your work?

  1. Hi Clemens
    Thank you for your offer. I am not sure if my novel would qualify as adventure; here is the blurb…. What do you think?

    Bright Moon Ridge: A search in China

    Caught! Trying to escape from repressive China, Mei only wanted to re-join her lover and newborn baby. In desperation Bartooth returned to China to try to find her, but no one has heard from them for 20 years. Now Johnny, their son, resolves to go to China to search for his long-vanished parents.

    AWARD WINNER: New Apple Summer e-book awards: Runner-up in Historical fiction category

    In 1999 in Santa Cruz, California, 19-year-old Johnny Bartooth is unexpectedly visited by Heron, an ageing hippy, his father’s old friend. Heron has come to give Johnny a journal which the boy’s father, Bartooth, wrote many years before. In 1978 Bartooth went to China, and one night made the fateful mistake of going for a walk by himself through dark streets in Guangzhou. He was attacked, stabbed and clubbed by a gang of bandits. He found himself a few days later in a hospital bed, coming out of a coma. In front of him was a beautiful Chinese doctor, Mei, who had been born in San Francisco and could speak English.

    There was an immediate strong attraction between Bartooth and Mei, who was married to, but separated from, her husband in North-eastern China. They talked whenever they could, and soon fell in love. They became lovers but Bartooth had to return to Hong Kong. He promised Mei that he would arrange for her to go to the USA, where they could marry.

    In Hong Kong Bartooth learned that Mei was pregnant. Passionate to keep his promise and to establish a family, he devised a plan to smuggle Mei and the newborn baby out of China. Part of the plan went well, but Mei never turned up in Hong Kong. After waiting in distress for weeks, Bartooth brought baby Johnny to his sister Belle, in Santa Cruz, and in desperation returned to China to search for Mei and bring her back to the U.S. No one heard from him or Mei after that.

    So when Heron arrives, Johnny has been living with his Aunt Belle in Santa Cruz for 19 years. Receiving his father’s journal opens up a deep curiosity in Johnny about his father and mother. Johnny feels he has no choice: his number one priority is to try to find some trace of his parents. He goes to China and, with very little to go on, tries to track down his mother and father.

    Linus Treefoot

    • Hi Linus, yes I would be curious to read and review your book. I will contact you by email to discuss the details.

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